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Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial Tyres

  • The first Ferrari Mondial 8 fitted 240/55VR390 Michelin TRX.
  • Mondial 8 Tyre pressure 33psi front, 34 psi rear.
  • The Mondial QV model came out in 1983 also fitted with 240/55VR390 TRX front and rear.
  • Mondial QV Tyre pressure 33psi front, 35 psi rear.
  • In 1986 the Ferrari Mondial 3.2 fitted a smaller 220/55VR390 TRX on the front and maintained the 240/55V R390 TRX on the rear.
  • Tyre pressures for the early 3.2 Mondial with TRX wheels and tyres 35psi front and rear.
  • Part way into the production of the Mondial 3.2 they moved onto 16” wheels with Goodyear Eagle tyres 205/55VR16 on the front and 225/55VR16 on the rear.
  • Pirelli in period recommended the 205/55R16 Cinturato P7 & 225/50R16 Cinturato P7 which are currently the best set up for a Mondial on 16” wheels
  • Ferrari Mondial T & Mondial 3.2 tyre pressures when fitted with 16” wheels 37psi front and 38 rear.

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16” Ferrari Mondial Tyres

I took your advice and used the P7 set up suggested for the late Mondial 3.2 on my 1989 328 GTS. (same tyre dimensions). Perfect period look, ride, and handling. Thanks Dougal.

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Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial Tyres