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Classic Car Tyres

Scroll through the drop down list of car marques, find your classic car, and we will share with you, our view of what is the best tyre for your classic car.

Choose you classic car here:

Alternatively you can use the search boxes below to take you directly to your specific model of classic car. When you press "go" it will take you to a bespoke page about your model of classic car and recommend the best tyres to compliment your old car, and also show a range of other classic car tyre options. Often including a choice of Original equipment, performance, budget and racing classic car tyres.


There are a wide variety of classic car tyres available. This page is designed to help you find your exact classic car, where we have built an individual page giving our opinion of which is the best tyre, out of the tyres available in that size to suit your classic car. Often there will be a choice between the original cross ply tyre or a period radial tyre where we will try to help you make the right choice for your car.

If we don't have a bespoke page for your classic car, or we don't offer enough information or you disagree with our opinion please give us a ring.

Classic Car Tyres