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Classic Alfa Tyres

Currently the availability of Classic Alfa tyres is exceptional and as good as it ever has been.

Alfa Romeo Classic Tyres

When the Alfa 1900 first came out in 1950, the 165SR400 Michelin X tyre was in production however the likelihood is that the 1900 fitted crossply tyres 130/140X40 Michelin SCSS. Both of these tyres are still in production with Michelin where of course the quality is never in doubt. In 1952 Pirelli introduced the 165HR400 CINTURATO which was a radial tyre designed to offer the progressive handling that was needed for sports cars, and became the tyre of choice with Alfa Romeo on their 1900 model and continued through the Alfa Romeo 2000 and right throughout the production of the 2600 in 1968.

As you can imagine the demand for tyres built to fit on 400mm rim are minimal. Wheels are predominantly made in imperial inch sizes. So for some time now we have to be thankful to Michelin for supplying the SCSS tyres and the famous Michelin X But for ?50s and ?60s sports car owners of Alfa Romeo and Lancia Aurelia & Flaminia the fact that in 2016 Pirelli re introduced the 165HR400 CINTURATO, the only H speed rated 400mm tyre is excellent news. Because, in period, these millimetric radial tyres were of course the tyre of choice so the wheel manufacturer Ruote Borrani started making 400mm wheels for Ferrari 250 GT and Aston Martin DB2/4 & DB4 so they could take advantage of the performance offered by the 165HR400 PIRELLI CINTURATO too.

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Longstone Tyres reviews

- Longstone Tyres are great Morning Tom, thought I'd let you know that the tires arrived last week, one week shipping just as you said. They did arrive via our normal mail process, not a courier.
I could not be more thrilled with the price ,the tires and your service. Well done.
Victoria, BC
- Super fast delivery to Luxembourg 4 x Classic Michelin tyres and tubes. Super fast delivery to Luxembourg, and which was free.
Best quality products, fast delivery, best value anywhere.
- Great service Hi Tom, Just letting you know that all five W/W tyres have arrived safe. Great service from yourselves. Many thanks Regards Keith.
- One of the best companys I have ever delt with. I was looking for 450-19 tyres for my 1930 AJS car on the internet, some of the sites had what I was after, but no prices. or much information . However on loging onto the site of Longstone Classic Tyres.I found it so easy to navigate, plus a very informative video explaining the different types of tyres and their uses. I ordered 5 tyres and the price and shipping rate to me in Australia was very reasonable. I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived the following Wednesday, Fantastic.
- Fast delivery and cheap delivery costs. I was very happy as Longstone Classic Tyres had the Dunlop Racing tyres I needed urgently in stock and with the fast delivery and very reasonable delivery costs (only 20£ to Finland). The price level of the tyres is about the same as elsewhere but the service in overall is great. Will buy again.
- Expensive tyres but I 'll admit the service was first class. They were able to provide me with a special Michelin tyre as if from stock, when others from whom I enquired said they hadn't got any or told me that they would take about a week to come from a warehouse in Germany.
- Best in Europa Order tyres for a Testarossa on Monday. In Norway wednesday. Superb...:-)
- Just what I was looking for Longstone tyres delivered my specialised tyres at a good price and within an incredibly short period of time.
- asa good service as you would get on first date excellent on price, service and quality
- Great service, always prompt! Thank you. Purchased again some whitewall tyres, thanks for a great service.

Vintage Tyres Types

Classic Tyres
At Longstone, classic tyres are available in a wide range of time-honored sizes. The picture above demonstrates the range of classic tires available for sports cars on 16" wheels, such as DB4 Aston Martins & XK Jaguars. The picture shows the period performance-standard crossply tyre that was usual for these cars to be fitted with when they left the factory alongside a selection of radial alternatives; these include some typical genuine classic radials such as the Michelin X and PIRELLI CINTURATO ? .

To help find the right classic tyres for your car follow this link for More...

Tyres Search by Classic and Vintage Car Manufacturer

Find the vintage tyres or classic tyres for your car - Click on your classic car and see our recommendations as to which of the vintage or classic tires will suit it best. More ...

Classic & Vintage Car Tyres

If you are not sure which of our vintage tyres you need either read our help page about the various types of veteran, vintage and classic tyres or phone our sales team on: 00 44 1302 711123 for expert advice on the most suitable classic or vintage tyres for your old car.

Browse our site for classic cars, the history of vintage tyres & classic tyres, and details of the vintage tyres and classic tyres we are able to supply.

Classic Car Tyres

Vintage tyre Longstone Classic Tyres are the distributors for PIRELLI classic tyres, including the CINTURATO ? and P-Zero as well as Michelin classic tyres (Michelin Collection), including the Michelin XWX, Michelin XZX, Michelin DR, Michelin XAS, Michelin ZX, Michelin X, Michelin TDX, Michelin TRX and Michelin TB15, Michelin TB5F & R. We are also able to sell you Dunlop vintage tyres, Excelsior, Firestone, Excelsior competition H, B.F.Goodrich, Waymaster, Avon, Vredestein, Coker, Dayton, Enduro, Universal, Lester, Cheng Shin, Mitas, General, Supreme, Camac, Denman, Lucas vintage tyres, Dunlop Racing vintage tyres, Goodyear, Metzler, Wards Riverside and Ensign.

Longstone Vintage Tyres

Here at Longstone we hold huge stocks to cater for most vintage, classic and youngtimer cars. We have large stocks of

  • Vintage Tyres
  • Classic Tyres
  • Youngtimer Tyres
  • Racing Tyres
  • Veteran Tyres
For help finding the right rubber for your car ring 01302 711 123.

Classic tyre Fitting

Longstone Classic tyres are one of the only companies to offer a free classic tyre fitting service at our warehouse in Bawtry, South Yorkshire. Longstone Classic tyres also supports the Vintage Sports Car Club's speed events fitting tyres around the country, which we believe makes Longstone Classic tyres your only local Vintage tyre fitting service.For information about the events we attend please see the events calendar in our 'about us' section