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Having done the 100 miles of Amsterdam which was organised in conjunction with our friends at by Bart Klein who runs the classic Rallying organisation I have been in contact with Bart recently as he runs Via-Flaminia because he himself is a keen classic rally man. Longstone Classic Tyres are capable of shipping tyres all over the world with surprising efficiency. In all fairness it is not us that is clever, it is the carrier companies we use. However our experience with them and need to get things right has meant that they work very well for us and the knock on effect is our customers get a good service. So now Longstone Tyres are the Official Tyre Supplier for Trails of Africa in April 2021 and Trials of Africa in October 2021.


New Classic Car Pages

Over the last few weeks we've created quite a few new pages here are some you may like:


Alfa Spider Tyres

Here is a discussion I have recently had regarding tyres and inner tubes for an Alfa Spider that might be of interest to Alfa fans.

Hello Dougal,

Just thought I'd let you know that the Pirellis you sold me for my latest Alfa 2000 won the "Pirelli Perfect Fit" award at the recent Concorso Italiano car show in Monterey.

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VW Beetle Tyres

Longstone Classic Tyres has a long and deep association with the VW Bug, in that it’s too oldest employees had Beetles as their first cars. Currently these days, because we spend so much time on dual carriageways, often people like to fit a taller tyre like the Michelin 165 SR 15 XZX. Again more sporty options like the 165HR15 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 are available. Also currently being made are 165HR15 Michelin XAS (1965) and 165VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN36 (1968) which were fitted to cars like the Porsche 911 & 912 back in period.

VW Beetle Tyres Blog


Montlhery Vintage Revival

Dougal has just come back from a great time at Montlhery Vintage revival Vintage Revival Montlhery 2019 Video
Published on 15/05/2019

Grey Fergie

Dougal's Tractor
My Poor old little Grey Fergies is in a right old Damson Jam. It has been flippin windy recently and it seems to have blown my Damson Tree over. Which is a disaster in itself because i think Damson might be my favorite Jam. but the disaster went further, because it landed on my Tractor
Published on 28/03/2019

Save The World, Drive A Classic Car

Save the world image
“the production of a new car equals with 3 years of driving a modern car. The amount of carbon dioxide involved with mining ore, the transport of raw materials to factories, building facilities, commuting workers and the transport of new cars to distributors and so on and so on is massive.”

Learn more about the Saving the World Article


Loan A Classic Car Project

Classic Car

Developed by Bob Wilkinson (who I know through Model A Ford fun), the principal being to allow people that would other wise have no way in to the world of Classic cars to borrow a car and enjoy it, and as it says on their web site “There are no hire or loan charges involved …. just look after the car as though it was your own”

Learn more about the Classic Car Loan Project



Malton Forest Rally 2018
Michelin make a great range of all the most important late ’60s, 70s and ‘80s XWX tyres. Importantly most of them attain the W – 170mph Speed rating.

Learn more about Michelin XWX
Published on 9/1/2019

Happy Customer (Ford Mustang owner) with their new Pirelli tyres

lizzie_pope‪An early Christmas present for the Mustang! Fantastic service from @longstoneclassictyres – looking forward to putting some miles on these Pirellis in 2019.‬ #Ford #Mustang #FordMustang #Pirelli #LongstoneTyres #ClassicCars #ClassicFord #InstaCars #Carstagram #CarPorn.
Published on 8/12/2019

Rallying a Citroen Dyane to Mongolia for Charity

This summer, we drove a 1973 Citroen to Kazakhstan for charity. We wanted a bit of an adventure before we started working, and the Mongol Rally, a totally unsupported drive from the UK to Mongolia in a classic car, fitted the bill perfectly.
Published on 23/11/2018

Rallying with Pirelli Scorpions

Pirelli Stella Bianca
Tom @ Longstone Tyres entered Malton Forest Rally 2018 on the weekend, first time in the woods. A steep learning curve but very enjoyable, staggering amounts of grip with the Pirelli Scorpion rally tyres. Thoroughly enjoyable and cannot wait for the next one!
Published on 05/11/2018

Pirelli Stella Bianca

Pirelli Stella Bianca
No, this isn’t fake news or a misprint: More than half a century after producing its last cross-ply car tyre and electing to exclusively focus upon radial construction in this segment, Pirelli is once again making cross-ply tyres for classic cars. The Pirelli Stella Bianca is back.
Published on 31/10/2018

Borrani wheels

Borrani Wheels on their way to Portimao
We just received some Borrani wheels that I am taking down to Portimao race meeting. They will be going on a Frazer Nash that is racing this weekend.
Published on 10/10/2018

Lotus Elite

Castlecombe in the mighty Lotus Elite
I had a great time racing at Castlecombe in the mighty Lotus Elite this weekend.
Published on 10/10/2018

XK120 Tyres

Excitingly we have received some test tyres for the rerelease of the 345/35R15 Cinturato P7 from PIRELLI. It seemed that the best thing to do was pop down and see Harry Metcalf at Harry’s Garage so that he could test the tyres for us and here is the reply we have had from Harry.
Published on 08/10/2018

Countach Vintage Tyres

Excitingly we have received some test tyres for the rerelease of the 345/35R15 Cinturato P7 from PIRELLI. It seemed that the best thing to do was pop down and see Harry Metcalf at Harry’s Garage so that he could test the tyres for us and here is the reply we have had from Harry.
Learn More about Countach Vintage Tyres
Published on 15/08/2018

The perfect tyre for a Wolseley 1500

PIRELLI and Michelin have made a new tyre for the 1500 cars. When the Wolseley 1500 first came out it was fitted with 500X14 tyres, which nobody makes any more. There are a couple of 500/520X14 crossply tyres, neither of which I would encourage you to fit and sadly the Dunlop 520X14 is no longer made.
Learn More about The perfect tyre for a Wolseley 1500
Published on 15/05/2018

White Wall Jaguar Tyres

I have just been asked to quote for white wall tyres and thought it might be interesting to publish them. The reason being I'm a complete snob when it comes to fitting white walls on cars like Jaguars and I honestly tried to hold back from giving my full opinion.
Learn More about White Wall Jaguar Tyres
Published on 04/05/2018

Silverstone race circuit

Longstone Tyres will be there with their extensive range of vintage tyres for all your classic and vintage cars ranging from Austin Sevens to Ferraris and everything in between.
Learn More about Silverstone race circuit
Published on 06/03/2018

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta

For owners of the Classic Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the early Giulia the good news is we have just received a new delivery of the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 155HR15.
Learn More about The Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Published on 16/02/2018

Formula Vintage series kicks off at Silverstone race circuit - 21st & 22nd April 2018

Formula Vintage series kicks off
The new year is here and the snowdrops are gracing us with their delicate, modest beauty as we anticipate the excitement of the spring season. Spring heralds the start of the racing season for the VSCC when the Formula Vintage series kicks off at Silverstone race circuit. This event is always intoxicating as competitors and spectators alike come out of hibernation to take part in the thrills of the track. We'll see familiar faces and cars as well as new-comers, but above all the most amazing eclectic collection of original, modified and special vintage and classic sports cars.
Published on 01/02/2017

Santa Delivers for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
For owners of the Classic Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the early Giulia, the good news is we have just received a new delivery of the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 155HR15. It is a brilliant tyre that came out in the early ‘50s as the first radial tyre that was developed to suit sports cars of the period, and offer enhanced grip while at the same time remaining progressive. And of course they look fantastic. Is there a tread pattern more evocative for a classic sports car than PIRELLI’s CA67 CINTURATO ™
Published on 01/02/2017

Maserati Ghibli Tyre

I'm hoping you might be able to help me out with some anorak work, I'm wanting to clarify a date that i can't find in my reference books.
Learn More about Maserati Ghibli Tyre
Published on 14/11/2017

Classic Alfa Tyres

Currently the availability of Classic Alfa tyres is exceptional and as good as it ever has been.
Learn More about Classic Alfa Tyres
Published on 18/10/2017

Inter Classic in Brussel

Went to Inter Classic in Brussel. I was amazed how many Early 911 s and Porsche 356 cars were there.
Learn More about Inter Classic in Brussel
Published on 22/09/2017

Citroen Traction Avant Tyres

It is because of Citroen's original designs that these classics are still very collectable cars, and it is because of this popularity that the volumes of Classic Citroen tyre sales have been good, enabling us to deliver these special offers on sets of tyres for your Classic Citroen.
Learn More about Citroen Traction Avant Tyres
Published on 23/08/2017

Classic Traction Avant Citroen Tyres

It is worth pointing out that for some considerable time Michelin were the major shareholders in the Citroen, which shows in the tyres Citroen have fitted since the '30s. Michelin has been a major innovator in tyre design over the years, and much of this has come to market in conjunction with Citroens innovative car design.
Learn More about Classic Traction Avant Citroen Tyres
Published on 01/08/2017

240/55 VR 415 Tyres

Here is a few quotes from a forum tread about tyres shipped to USA for Ferraris (
Learn More about 240/55 VR 415 Tyres
Published on 01/07/2017

185/70 R 13 Tyres

This week's excitement was Car SOS (now nicknamed car Sausage) had a Sunbeam Alpine series 1 in for restoration. Early Alpines left the factory with 560X13 crossply tyres which are not currently produced as a sports car tyre. We only ever sell the 560X13 Camac, but it's not a sports car tyre.
Learn More about 185/70 R 13 Tyres
Published on 01/02/2017

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