BMW 6 Series Tyres

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BMW 6 Series 1976–1989

BMW 628 csi Tyres (1979–1987)

BMW 6 Series E24

BMW 6 Series E24

  • BMW 628csi originally fitted 195/70-14 Tyres, in this size the best tyre is the 195/70 VR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36, this is a period tyre that will perfectly match the aesthetics of your 628 csi.
  • After 1983 the 628 csi stepped up to 205/70R14 tyres or 220/55 WR 390 Michelin TRX.
  • We suggest fitting either 205/70VR14 XWX, or 205/70 WR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
  • 6 Series models were released on tubeless wheels with tubeless tyres, innertubes are not a requirement for this car, provided your rims are airtight.
  • BMW 628csi tyre pressure: 34psi front and 36psi rear.
  • The BMW 330 CS originally fitted 195/70VR14 at 35 psi front and 38 psi rear, as did the 633 csi.
  • For the BMW 630 csi and 633 csi today, we suggest 205/70VR14 XWX or 205/70 WR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.

Our period fitment guides suggest that in 1980 BMW released a 633 CSI with 15" tube-type tyres sized 195/70 15. Currently, there are no classic tyres produced in this size. If you have this car and need new tyres we would suggest a set of 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 tyres with Michelin 15F innertubes.

BMW 635 csi Tyres (1978–1989)

BMW 635 CSI Tyres


  • Up to 1979, the BMW 635 csi fitted 195/70R14 tyres.
  • For these early 635csi, we suggest the 195/70 VR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
  • The innertube for 195/70R14 and 205/70 R14 tyres is the Michelin 14F innertube.
  • Early 635 csi on 14” wheel tyre pressure: 38 psi front and 42 psi rear.
  • From 1980 the BMW 635 csi fitted Michelin TRX wheels with the 220/55 WR 390 Michelin TRX, with 34 psi front and 41 psi rear.
  • The M 635 csi fitted 415mm wheels with 240/45VR415 Michelin TRX GT tyres.
  • M635 csi tyre pressure: 36 psi front and 44 psi rear.

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Michelin TRX Tyres Explained

History of the BMW 6 Series

The BMW E24 is the first iteration of the BMW 6 Series, it was manufactured from 1976 until 1989. The E24  was the replacement for the E9 coupés and was only available in the 2-door coupé body type. The E24 was powered by a variety of M30 straight-6 engines, with the exception of the M635CSi/M6 variants.

The E24 M635CSi  is considered the starting point of the M6 model series. The M88 straight-6 engine powers the M635CSi in the majority of markets. The M6 is powered by the less powerful S38 straight-6 engine in North America and Japan.

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