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Recommended Ferrari 412 tyres

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    Ferrari 412 Recommended Tyres

  1. 240/55VR415 Michelin TRX
    240/55R415 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £522.00 £435.00

  2. 240/55VR415 Michelin TRX
    Set of 4 240/55VR415 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £1,800.00 £1,500.00

  3. 240/55 R 415 Michelin TRX
    Set of 5 240/55 R 415 Michelin TRX

    Starting at £2,160.00 £1,800.00

3 Items

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History of the Ferrari 412

The 412 succeeded the 400i and offered a number of changes, the most notable of which were a higher boot line and a larger front spoiler to improve the car's aerodynamics. Other Pininfarina additions were redesigned sill panels, body-coloured bumper inserts, a new alloy wheel design, transparent indicator lenses, and black windshield and window surrounds. The Ferrari 412 featured a huge V12 engine that produced a top speed of just over 155 miles per hour (250 km/h).

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