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1960 Renault 4CV Turquoise

1960 Renault 4CV Turquoise

Renault 4CV Tyres

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    Renault 4 CV Recommended Tyres

  1. 135SR15 Michelin ZX
    135 SR 15 Michelin ZX

    Starting at £108.00 £90.00

  2. 135SR15 Michelin X M+S
    135 SR 15 Michelin X M+S

    Starting at £147.60 £123.00

  3. 135SR400 Michelin X
    135 R 400 Michelin X

    Starting at £177.60 £148.00

  4. Michelin 16C Offset Valve Inner Tube
    Michelin 16C Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at £16.80 £14.00

  5. Michelin 15CB Offset Valve Inner Tube
    Michelin 15CB Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at £18.00 £15.00

  6. Other Options for Renault 4 CV Tyres

  7. 135 R 15 Camac BN313
    135 R 15 Camac BN313

    Starting at £70.80 £59.00

6 Items

per page

History of the Renault 4CV

From August 1947 through July 1961, Renault produced and marketed the Renault 4CV, a small rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive budget automobile. Before being eclipsed by the Dauphine, it was the first French vehicle to sell a million units. The 4CV was a 3600 mm long monocoque vehicle with suicide doors in the front. The 4CV was developed and constructed surreptitiously by Renault engineers under the German occupation of France during World War II when the firm was under tight instructions to design and manufacture exclusively military and commercial vehicles. To avoid being discovered t the 4CV development was categorised as a low priority offshoot from a programme to design a new engine for a post-war return of the Juvaquatre. German departmental superiors were definitely not trustworthy regarding 'Project 106E,'. During the occupation, Renault was controlled by Wilhelm von Urach, a German engineer from an aristocratic family who happened to also be a francophile, who managed to turn a blind eye to the entire project.

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