Renault Primastella

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Renault Primastella Tyres

    Renault Primastella

    Renault Primastella

  • In production Renault fitted cross ply 700 - 17 Tyres tyres to the Primastella.
  • If you desire cross plys we would suggest a set of the 7.00 x 17 Firestone tyres.
  • We would ultimately suggest fitting a radial tyre as they perform much better on high-speed, modern roads than cross plys.
  • Longstone's cross ply recommendation for the Renault Primastella is the 6.50/7.00 x 17 Michelin D.R..
  • The recommended inner tubing for a tyre of this size is the Michelin 17/18H inner tube.

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    Renault Primastella Recommended Tyres

  1. 7.00 x 17 Firestone
    7.00 x 17 Firestone

    Starting at £385.20 £321.00

  2. 650/700x17 Michelin D.R.
    6.50/7.00 x 17 Michelin D.R.

    Starting at £372.00 £310.00

  3. Michelin 17/18H RET Offset Valve Inner Tube
    Michelin 17/18H RET Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at £49.20 £41.00

  4. Other Options for Renault Primastella Tyres

  5. 700x17 Ensign B5
    7.00 x 17 Ensign B5

    Starting at £320.40 £267.00

  6. 600/650 x17 Ensign F4
    6.00/6.50 x 17 Ensign F4

    Starting at £274.80 £229.00

  7. 600/650x17 Firestone
    6.00/6.50 x 17 Firestone

    Starting at £338.40 £282.00

  8. 6.00/6.50 x 17 Firestone Whitewall
    6.00/6.50 x 17 Firestone Whitewall

    Starting at £408.00 £340.00

  9. 700x17 R5 Dunlop Racing
    7.00 x 17 R5 Dunlop Racing

    Starting at £444.00 £370.00

  10. 600/650x17 Dunlop Fort
    6.00/6.50 x 17 Dunlop Fort

9 Items

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History of the Renault Primastella

The Primastella "Type PG10" debuted at the 27th Paris Motor Show in October 1933. It featured a 6 cylinder 16CV engine based on the Renault Vivastella but with a significantly smaller cylinder size. The "Type PG8" Primastella was manufactured until 1933. The Primastella had Renault's "aérodynamique" body shape, most notably a sloping tail instead of the preceding Primastella PG8's highly vertical one. The manufacturer's objective was to supply new "aérodynamique" bodywork throughout their whole range, which they accomplished by the middle of 1934, although the Primastella and bigger cars had already adopted this new style by the end of 1933.

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