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Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJS Tyres

Jaguar XJS

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History of the Jaguar XJS

The first Jaguar XJS appeared in 1975. Power came from the Jaguar V12 petrol engine with a choice of manual or automatic gearbox, but the manual was soon dropped.

V12 cars were unusual at the time, with notable others coming from Italian luxury classic sports car makers Lamborghini and Ferrari. The specifications of the XJS compared well with the Italian cars, it was able to accelerate to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds (slow by todays standard but not bad for the 70's!), and reach 142 mph.

The first series of XJS cars had a Borg-Warner Model 12 automatic gearbox with a cast iron case and a bolt on bell housing. In 1979 General motors Turbo-Hydromatic 400 transmissions were fitted. The TH400 transmission was an all aluminium alloy case with an integrated non detachable bell housing.

Jaguar's timing was not all that good as the car was launched in the wake of a fuel crisis, and the market for a 5.3 litre V12 grand tourer was very small. The styling was also the subject of criticism, including the "flying buttresses" behind the windows.

Jaguar did seize promotional opportunities with the television series The New Avengers and Return of the Saint. Return of the Saint saw Simon Templar driving an early XJS with the number plate "ST 1". Miniature versions were made by Corgi and proved popular. A decade and a half before, Jaguar had turned down the producers of the earlier Saint series when approached about using an Jaguar E-type, the producers had instead used a Volvo P1800.

Jaguar XJS

Responding to criticisms that the XJS was not a worthy Jaguar E-type successor, Pininfarina revealed a sporty show car in 1978 based on XJS mechanicals and called Jaguar XJSpider. The car unfortunately never went into production.