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Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJ-S 1975–1996

Jaguar XJ-S HE Tyres

  • The V12 version of Jaguar's XJ-S fitted 215/70VR15 tyres. Again we would recommend the 215/70 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO P5.
  • The Michelin 15/17H will be the best fitting tube for these tyres if an innertube is needed.
  • From 1987 Jaguar moved the XJ-S 3.6 and XJ-S 4.0 HE onto 235/60 WR 15 Pirelli P600 tyres.
  • Tyres with a profile below 70% (e.g 235/60 WR 15 Pirelli P600) should not fit innertubes.

Jaguar XJS Tyres Explained

XJS Tyres

  • In May 1991 the XJ-S HE was renamed the Jaguar XJS in 1991 as the range received a facelift.
  • In the mid 90's the 4.0L XJS and 6.0L XJS Jaguars offered the option of more modern 16” wheels and tyres that are not currently part of our remit.

Jaguar XJR-S Wheels

Lister-Jaguar XJS Tyres

  • The Lister-Jaguar XJS 1990-1992 service manual states three fitments for the car, 245/40 x 18, 275/40 x 18, 335/35 x 18. Unfortunately, no classic tyre manufacturers currently make any tyres in these sizes.
  • The Lister Jaguar XJS 90-92 had 9"x18" rims on the front, and 10"x18" rims on the rear.
  • The Le Mans version of the Lister-Jaguar XJS' rims and tyres, front and rear, have identical dimensions to the Ferrari F40.

Jaguar XJ-S Pirelli P5 Tyres

Jaguar themselves, in the 1970s asked Pirelli to make a specific tyre for their Luxury cars including the XJ-S. It was the first time a car manufacturer had specified what they wanted from a tyre manufacturer. In 1979 The Pirelli P5 tyre was tested by Jaguar and homologated as the tyre for the XJ-S. Jaguar has again asked Pirelli to reproduce the P5 tyres again for their luxury cars. Jaguar has again tested the P5 and homologated it with the J. These P5 Pirelli tyres are now the recommended tyre for the Jaguar XJ-S.

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    Jaguar XJS Recommended Tyres

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Dunlop D1 XJ-S Tyres

Dunlop D1 Jaguar XJS Tyres

Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJS Pirelli P5 Service Document

History of the Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJS

The first Jaguar XJS was introduced in 1975. The Jaguar V12 petrol engine provided power, and there was a manual or automatic transmission option, although the manual was quickly discarded.

V12 automobiles were uncommon at the period, with significant exceptions coming from Italian luxury classic sports car manufacturers Lamborghini and Ferrari. The XJS's characteristics were competitive with Italian automobiles; it could accelerate to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds (slow by today's standards, but pretty good for the '70s!) and hit 142 mph.

The initial generation of XJS automobiles were equipped with a Borg-Warner Model 12 automatic transmission with a cast-iron case and a bolt-on bell housing. General Motors Turbo-Hydromatic 400 gearboxes were installed in 1979. The TH400 gearbox has an all-aluminium alloy case with a non-detachable bell-housing incorporated. Jaguar's timing was not ideal, as the car was released amid a fuel crisis, and the market for a 5.3-litre V12 grand tourer was quite limited. The style, notably the "flying buttresses" behind the windows, was highly criticised.

Jaguar made use of advertising possibilities with the television shows The New Avengers and Return of the Saint. Simon Templar was shown driving an early XJS with the licence plate "ST 1" in Return of the Saint. Corgi produced miniature versions, which were well received. A decade and a half ago, when contacted about utilising an Jaguar E-type, Jaguar turned down the creators of the original Saint series, who instead utilised a Volvo P1800.

In response to complaints that the XJS was not a worthy successor to the Jaguar E-type, Pininfarina unveiled the Jaguar XJ Spider, a sporty display vehicle based on XJS mechanicals. Unfortunately, the automobile was never produced.

Jaguar XJ Saloon Tyres

What are the best tyres for an XJS?

Jaguar asked Pirelli to produce the P5, especially for their luxury cars and homologated the Pirelli P5 with the J. We would strongly suggest that the P5 Pirelli is the best tyre for the early XJS. Later XJS on wider rims also benefit from fitting the original 235/60VR15 P600 which now qualifies for a higher speed rating so is called 235/60WR15.

What are the cheapest tyres for a Jaguar XJS?

The Pirelli 205/70R15 P5 and the 215/70R15 P5 tyres are extremely good value tyres that are suited to the XJS. There are cheaper tyres in these sizes, however, we would suggest that the P5 is well worth the money as it has a proper speed rating and is designed to suit luxury sports cars of the 1970s and 1980. Jaguar made some subtle changes to the XJS making it suited to more modern 235/60VR15 Pirelli P600 tyres towards the end of the 1980s and there isn’t really another 235/60R15 tyre with a suitable speed rating.

Do Pirelli still make the 235/60VR15 P600 for the later XJS?

Yes the 235/60VR15 Pirelli P600 is still in production. It now qualifies for an improved W speed rating so is currently called 235/60WR15 P600.

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