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1952 Jaguar MK7 Ghia Aigle Coupe

1952 Jaguar MK7 Ghia Aigle Coupe

Jaguar MK7 1951–1956

  • Jaguars MKV11 saloon originally fitted crossply tyres, which the 670H16 Dunlop RS5 was we believe OE.
  • The Dunlop RS5 is no longer made by Dunlop so now we would recommend that the best crossply tyre is the 670 H16 Avon Turbospeed.
  • MK V11 Jaguar Tyre pressure recommendations. Crossply 26psi and Radial 36psi.
  • The ideal innertube for these tyres is the Michelin 16F innertube.
  • The Jaguar MKVII left the factory on tube-type wheels, innertubes are necessary for these wheels, even if you fit tubeless radial tyres. Wire wheels also require innertubes.
  • Our Period Michelin Fitment Guide suggests a crossply tyre pressure of 29 PSI front and 31 PSI rear.

Jaguar MKVII Tyres Explained

Radial Tyres for a MK 7 Jaguar

  • Currently the most suitable radial tyre for a MK 7 Jaguar is the 670 R 16 Avon Turbosteel.
  • We also supply 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 tyres, which will make for an excellent alternative with great performance and a period design.
  • The best fitting innertube for these tyres is the Michelin 16F innertube.
  • Critically when fitting radial tyres to your Jaguar MK V11 for safety reasons you must increase the tyre pressure to 36psi.

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    Jaguar MKVII Recommended Tyres

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History of the Jaguar MkVII

Built between 1951-1956, the Jaguar Mk VIII was made to replace the Jaguar Mark V, but as there was already a Bentley Mark VI on the market Jaguar decided to call the next model Mark VII (a little bit of cheeky one-upmanship!). It is said however that a version of the Jaguar Mark V with the XK engine had been designated the Jaguar Mark VI, but it is thought that only two were built so this hardly counts for the specification. The Mk VII chassis came from the Jaguar Mark V, with which the Mark VII shared its 10 feet (3,048.0 mm) wheelbase.

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