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Michelin XVS Tyres on a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow on Michelin XVS Tyres

Michelin XVS Tyres

8 Items

8 Items


Michelin XVS

Silver Shadow on Michelin XVS Tyres


Michelin XVS-P

Michelin excellent XVS & XVS-P range of tyres are asymmetric tyres that make a remarkable improvement to the directional stability of a classic cars. The XVS and XVS-P tyres are a development of the earlier Michelin XAS. The difference between the XVS and the XVS-P tyre is that the XVS-P has a raised curbing band on the outside of the tyre.

Michelin XVS

Michelin XVS FAQ

Q: Can you fit Michelin XVS on a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow?

Yes. Michelin make a 235/70R15 XVS. As this is an Asymmetric tyre designed to enhance the handling of cars of this era, it can be fitted to Shadows post 1973, and it will dramatically enhance the way the car cruises at high speed.

Q: Do Michelin make any white wall tyres?

The hope is that from 2021 Michelin will make a 185HR15 XVS with a white wall.

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