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Jaguar MKV

Jaguar MkV Tyres

For a Jaguar MkV, Longstone Tyres suggests that 185SR16 Michelin X are the best fit for performance and drive comfort.

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History of the Jaguar MkV

Built between 1948-1951, the Jaguar Mark V was launched at the same time as the XK120 however, the Mark V vastly outsold the XK120 at 5000 cars per year compared to the XJ120's 2000 per year. While the XK120 had a new overhead-camshaft XK engine, the Mark V retained the 1936 driveline including the "Jaguar" overhead-valve pushrod straight-6 2½L and 3½L units.

There is some confusion as to why Jaguar decided to call it the MkV, as there was no MkI-IV (the MkI coming in 1955, MkII 1959 and its predecessor was only called the MkIV retrospectively). There is speculation that it is a homage to Bentley who built 11 of their own advanced Mark V saloons in 1939.

The wheels were 16-inch (410 mm) steel-disc type, significantly smaller than the 18-inch (460 mm) ones on the MkIV.