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1948 Jaguar MK5 DHC

1948 Jaguar MK5 DHC

Jaguar MK5 1948–1951

  • The best crossply tyre for the Mark 5 is the 670 H 16 Dunlop RS5. This tyre will offer the best performance from any crossply and is closest to the original equipment fitted in period.
  • For a radial alternative we would suggest the 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 or the 185 SR 16 Michelin X.
  • Both tyres are of great quality, offering top performance. The Pirelli's have the edge for sporty driving, and the Michelin's offer lighter handling and great value in terms of quality against price.
  • The Jaguar MK5 was manufactured with tube-type wheels. These wheels require an innertube to function.
  • The ideal tube for these tyres is the Michelin 16F innertube.

Jaguar MKV Tyres Explained

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History of the Jaguar MkV

The Jaguar Mark V was built between 1948 and 1951 and debuted at the same time as the XK120. However, the Mark V greatly outsold the XK120, selling 5000 vehicles each year compared to the XJ120's 2000. While the XK120 received a new overhead-camshaft XK engine, the Mark V kept the 1936 driveline, which included the "Jaguar" overhead-valve pushrod straight-6 212L and 312L units.

There is substantial debate as to why Jaguar used the name MkV since there were no MkI-IV models (the MkI coming in 1955, MkII 1959 and its predecessor was only called the MkIV retrospectively). It is said to be a tribute to Bentley, who manufactured 11 of their own sophisticated Mark V saloons in 1939. The wheels were 16-inch (410 mm) steel discs, which were much smaller than the MkIV's 18-inch (460 mm) steel discs.

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