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1966 Jaguar 420G

1966 Jaguar 420G

Jaguar 420 1966–1969

  • The Jaguar 420 saloon was one of the first Jaguars to fit radial tyres as standard.
  • The 420 fitted 185R15 Dunlop SP41 which is no longer made.
  • In the day, the landmark radial tyre was the 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67, which we would suggest is still the best tyre for a 420.
  • There is a 185 x 15 Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet available, which is a later tyre. However, we believe the Pirelli is the tyre to recommend.
  • The 420 was released on either standard tube-type wheels or wire wheels, both require an innertube to function.
  • For these tyres the Michelin 15F innertube will be the best fit.
  • Jaguar 420 tyre pressures - 30psi front and rear.

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History of the Jaguar 420

The Jaguar 420 was unveiled at the London Motor Show in October 1966 and built for two years as the pinnacle of a series of compact sporty saloons supplied by Jaguar during the decade, all of which had the same wheelbase. The 420, which was based on the Jaguar S-Type, priced roughly £200 more than that model, thereby killing consumer interest in it, but the S-Type continued to be offered alongside the 420/Sovereign until both were displaced by the Jaguar XJ6 late in 1968. 

The 420's 4.2-liter XK engine was outfitted with a straight port cylinder head with 3/8-inch lift cams. Compression ratios of 7:1, 8:1, and 9:1 could be utilised based on local fuel quality, with the difference achieved by modifying the crown design of the pistons. The engine was supplied by two carburettors and produced a reported 245 bhp gross at 5,500 rpm, 20 horsepower less than the 420G and E-triple-carburettor Type's version. The engine's maximum torque of 283 lb-ft was nearly identical to that of the triple-carburettor variant, although it was attained at 3,750 rpm rather than 4,000 rpm.

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