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Rover SD1 1976–1986

  • A Rover SD1 2300 and 2600 was fitted with 175 R14 tyres, and for this we would recommend fitting the 175 HR 14 Michelin XAS.
  • These tyres would best fit an Michelin 14E innertube.
  • A Rover SD1 3500 was fitted with 195/70-14 Tyres tyres, in this size we suggest fitting the 195/70 VR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.
  • For these tyres the Michelin 14F innertube.
  • Our period fitment guides suggest that the SD1 has fitted tubeless wheels since the start of production. If your wheel rims are in good condition innertubes are not essential for these tyres to function.

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History of the Rover SD1

Built between 1976-1986, the SD1 was the code name and then eventual actual production name for a series of large executive cars that were favoured by British police forces of the time and would eventually be replaced by the Rover 800. There would be lots of different models including the Rover 3500, Rover 2300 and Rover Vitesse with 303,345 built in total.

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