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Austin 1100/1300 Tyres

  • The Austin 1100 and the Austin 1300 came fitted with 550 - 12 crossply tyres.
  • The only tyre we have in this size is the 5.50 x 12 Camac. The correct Austin 1100 innertube for this tyre is the Michelin 12D.
  • The radial alternative to a 5.50-12 tyre is either 145R12 or 155R12.
  • For these Austin 1100 and 1300 classic cars we suggest the 145 SR 12 Michelin MX.
  • The 145 SR 12 Michelin MX tyre can be fitted with a Michelin 12CG innertube.
  • Our period Innertube Guides contradict one another as to whether the original 1100/1300 wheels were tube-type or tubeless, we suspect that innertubes are required. If you have an 1100 or 1300 and know about your wheel type please get in touch so we can provide the most accurate information.
  • Austin 1100 and Austin 1300 tyre pressures 30psi front 28psi rear 30 psi in the rear of the Countryman or Traveller.
Austin 1100 Tyres

Austin 1300 GT Tyres

  • The Austin 1300GT fitted 145-12 Tyres.
  • We suggest fitting the Michelin 145 R12 Michelin MX.
  • The 145 SR 12 Michelin MX tyre can be fitted with a Michelin 12CG innertube.
  • Michelins period recommendation for a 1300 GT are 25psi front and 28psi in the rear.
  • Austin 1300 GT Tyres

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    Austin 1100-1300 Recommended Tyres

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BMC ADO16 Tyres

The ADO16 (Amalgamated Design Office Project No.16) was initially introduced by the British Motor Corporation as the Morris 1100 Mk1. After its introduction, the BMC 1100/1300 models became a line-up of cars known as "Badge Engineered" vehicles.

Six variants were produced, starting with the entry-level Morris 1100 and Austin 1100 models, followed by the Wolseley 1100 and Riley Kestrel targeting the middle-class market. The range was topped off by the Vanden Plas Princess 1100.

The line-up also included the sporty MG 1100 and two estate versions, the Morris Traveller and Austin Countryman, offering a model for every type of buyer.

BMC 1100 Tyres - Timeline

  • October 1963: The Austin 1100 MkI, available in both 2-door and 4-door models, was introduced and manufactured at Longbridge in Birmingham.
  • October 1965: Automatic transmission was introduced for the Austin and Morris models.
  • March 1966: The estate car versions of the ADO16 were introduced and named the Austin Countryman and Morris Traveller. These models could be configured to convert the interior into a double bed.
  • May 1966: Reclining front seats became available as an option for all 1100 models.

BMC 1100-1300 Tyres - Timeline

  • October 1967: The 1100 MkII and 1300 MkI models were introduced.
  • March 1968: Discontinuation of the MG 1100, Vanden Plas Princess 1100 MkII, Austin/Morris Super Deluxe 2-door and Super Deluxe 1100 models, as well as the 2-door and 4-door Austin/Morris 1100 models.
  • October 1969: Introduction of the Austin/Morris 1300GT, priced at £957.19.2 including tax.
  • September 1971: Production of the MkIII begins, replacing the MkII for the Austin/Morris 1100/1300 versions, while the 1300GT remains unchanged.
  • June 1974: Discontinuation of the Austin 1100 and 1300GT models. Production of the MkIII is also discontinued.
    • The ADO16 was eventually succeeded by the Austin Allegro and its Vanden Plas 1500 equivalent.

      History of the Austin 1100/1300

      A product of BMC badge engineering, the Austin 1100 & Austin 1300 were extensions of the popular mini-concept using front-wheel-drive, front disc breaks and interconnected Hydrolastic fluid suspension. It also featured a fun and powerful 1098cc A-Series engine, which later in 1967 became a 1275cc engine.

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