Crossply Vintage Tyres

Tyres through out the vintage, pre war, period were of Cross ply construction. If you want help finding Radial Classic Tyres to fit classic cars of the post war period phone us on +44 (0) 1302 714 072 or email us at

Cross-Ply classic and Vintage Tyres

The crossply tyre is made up of superimposed layers of textile cord running at alternate angles from bead to bead.Crossply Vintage Tyres

Vintage Cross-Ply Tyre Construction

With this design the sidewalls and tread are not differentiated and this gives the tyre structure great rigidity.

With a cross-ply tyre the maximum width and the height of the tyre above the rim are approximately equal. This relationship is known as the aspect ratio and with cross-ply tyres is approximately 100%, giving the cross-ply tyre its unique "tall" appearance.

Differences between Crossply and Radial Tyres

These are the few advantages to crossply tyres.

  • Lighter steering with Crossply tyres
  • Crossply Tyres give a more comfortable ride.
  • Crossply Tyres were fitted to most cars well into the 60's

These are also advantages to the Radial Construction.

  • Greater directional stability
  • Radial tyres last longer than Crossply
  • Radial construction offers more road holding than crossply tyres

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