165 R13 Tyres

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165/80 R13 Tyres

165 R13 Tyres - Ford Capri

Ford Capri on 165R13 Tyres

14 Items

    Classic 165 R13 Tyres

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  2. 165 R13 Inner Tubes

14 Items

165 R13 Tyres

165 R13 Tyre Size

Q: what is the best tyre in the size 165 R13

A: Michelin make the fabulous 165 R13 XAS, and Pirelli make the 165R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36. We

Q: what is the best tyre for a Ford Cortina

A: I used to run a very powerful MK5 Cortina with a Z Tech engine and the 165 R13 Michelin XAS was fantastic

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