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185 R16 Tyres Video

185/80 R16

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    Classic 185 R16 Tyres

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185 R16 Tyres

185 R16 is the radial alternative to 600-16 Tyres

This picture demonstrates the difference between proper period radial tyres and modern equivalents. It also demonstrates the benefits it will have on the steering and handling of a classic car by fitting a proper classic radial alternative.

  • The tyre second from the right is a 600 H 16 Avon Turbospeed. A genuine period performance crossply tyre of the day.
  • On its right, the 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67; tall and thin, high performance radial tyre the perfect tyre for 50s and 1960s sports cars. The best handling radial for a 1950s sports car.
  • 3rd from the right is 185R16 Avon Turbosteel. A wholly modern tyre only came into production in the 1960. Too small in diameter, and far too fat in foot print. Great for track days.
  • 4th from the right. 185 SR 16 Michelin X. you can see it is dimensionally spot on. Period look and we all know about Michelins build quality. Light steering with radial stability and grip.
  • 5th from the right 185 HR 16 Vredestein Sprint Classic. Bit smaller in diameter, Too wide, completely modern tyre, and looks it.
  • Far left is the radial 6.00 R 16 Michelin Pilote X. A great very high performance tyre designed to look like a period crossply. Great on a Maserati or Ferrari.

185 R16 Innertubes

We suggest fitting Michelin 16F innertubes in 185 R16 classic car tyres.

The tyre size 185 R16 is predominantly a tyre size for cars of the 1950s or early 1960s. In these heady days a lot of these cars fitted wire wheels. All of which should fit innertubes. We are aware there are wire wheels out there that claim to be tubeless. However in our experience we have seen too many of these tubeless wire wheels fail to trust them. There were some classic cars that had pressed steel wheels that fitted 185 R16 tyres. However again this is predominantly in the 1950s and before the development of the tubeless wheel rim, again we recommend an innertube.

Hopefully this short film we have made about What is a tubeless wheel will clear up any questions you might have about weather or not to fit an innertube in the wheels of your classic car.

Q: Can you fit a 185 R16 radial tyre instead of 6.00-16 crossply.

A: Yes. the standard radial alternative to a 6.00-16 tyre is 185 R16 of which the 185 R16 Pirelli Cinturato would we suggest be the best.

Q: What cars fitted 185 R16 tyres?

A: In the 1950s the top sports cars such as the Ferrari 250GT and Maserati 3500GT fitted 185 R16 Pirelli Cinturato Tyres as Original Equipment, and if you asked David Brown to fit radial tyres to your Aston Martin DB MK3 they would also fit the Cinturato 185 R16.

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