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165R15 Michelin XZX Whitewall Tyres - Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle on 165R15 Michelin XZX Whitewall Tyres

165/80 R15

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    Classic 165 R15 Tyres

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  2. 165 R15 Inner Tubes

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Q: What is the best tyre for a VW Beetle?

A: The 165 R15 Michelin XZX is a great tyre to fit to a VW Beetle. Beetle generally fitted 5.60 – 15 as a standard crossply, so a 155 R15 Michelin X is also an excellent option for a VW Beetle.

Q: What is the best tyre for a Triumph TR6?

A: The TR6, and for that matter, the TR4, TR5 and TR3A is the 165 – 15 Pirelli Cinturato. The 165 R15 Michelin XAS is also brilliant. Many owners of these cars like a wider car in which case the 185/70 R15 Pirelli Cinturato CN36, is best. They do however handle better with a 165 R15. As the TR2 and TR3 are better suited to a 155 R15 Pirelli Cinturato

Q: What are the best 165 R15 white wall tyres?

A: Michelin now make an excellent range of classic white wall tyres, which includes the 165 R15 Michelin XZX white wall tyre.

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