205/70 R15 Tyres

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205/70 R15 Tyres

205/70 R15

18 Items

    Classic 205/70 R15 Tyres

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18 Items

205/70 R15

What are ER/70 R15 tyres?

ER/70 R15 tyres are an early way of describing 205/70 R15 tyres. There are many different ways of writing the ER/70-15 tyre size: 205/70 – 15, 205/70 -15, 205/70-15, 205/70 R 15, 205/70 HR15, 205/70 VR15, 205/70 WR15 the only differences in these descriptions is the speed rating.

What are the best 205/70 R15 tyres?

The best 205/70 R15 tyre would depend on what car you had. If you had a Jaguar XJ6, XJS or early Jaguar XJ12 the 205/70 R15 Pirelli P5 is perfect as it was built specially for those cars. However if you had an E-type V12 then the Dunlop ER/70 R15 SP Sport Aquajet was original, but we would suggest the 205/70 R15 Pirelli P5. However if you wanted to fit a 205/70 R15 tyre on the earlier 6 cylinder E-type, without power steering, we would recommend the Pirelli 205/70 R15 CN12. If you have a Citroen SM then we would say fit the Michelin 205/70 R15 Michelin XWX.

What is the cheapest 205/70 R15 tyres?

There are cheaper tyres in the size 205/70 R15, However we would suggest that either 205/70 R15 CN12 or 205/70 R15 P5 from the Pirelli Collezione range are fantastic value for money. We do offer budget 205/70 R15 white wall tyres. However we do not suggest fitting these to performance cars such as Jaguar.

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