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5.60 - 15 Tyres


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    Classic 560 - 15 Tyres

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40 Items

5.60 - 15

What are the best 5.60 – 15 tyres?

We would suggest that the best tyres to fit to a sports car like a Porsche 356, that originally fitted 5.60 X 15 crossply tyres would be to upgrade to a 165HR15 Pirelli Cinturato CA67, 165VR15 Pirelli CN36 or a 165VR15 Michelin XAS. A Porsche 356 benefits from a quality period radial tyre instead of the old 5.60 -15 crossply, and the Pirelli and Michelin are genuine period Sports car tyres that Porsche actually fitted to the early 911.

What are the cheapest 560-15 tyres?

For cars like a Wolseley 15/50, early 1960s Singer Gazelle or a VW Beetle we would suggest fitting a 155TR15 Michelin X or a 165SR15 Michelin XZX. The 155 tyre is a more accurate radial alternative to a 560X15 cross ply and a 155 will keep the steering more precise, light and direct, whereas the 165 tyre will offer a slightly taller tyre and longer legs. The Michelin X and XZX are lovely period saloon car tyres, which offer, a good comfortable ride and period handling. However if for example you had the Karmann Ghia you might want to fit the 155HR15 Pirelli Cinturato for more sporty handling. We don’t really have 560-15 tyre we are keen to recommend. People tend to prefer a radial tyre on modern roads.

What is the radial alternative to 5.60 -15 tyres?

The most accurate alternative to a 5.60 X15 tyre is 155R15. We would recommend 155HR15 Pirelli Cinturato as a 1950s or 1960s sports car tyre, and the 155TR15 Michelin X as a more pedestrian classic car tyre. Often people like to go up a little in size and fit a 165R15 under which circumstance we would suggest 165HR15 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 for 1950s and 1960s classic sports cars. 165VR15 Michelin XAS and 165VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN36 for late 1960s and 1970s classic sports cars.

When you are looking for a radial alternative to a 560 – 15 tyre it is worth considering what you want. The correct alternative to 560X15 is 155R15. This will give the nicest handling, lighter, more precise, and kinder to the car. However people often swap the 5.60-15 crossply for a 165R15 tyre because it is taller for the gearing on motorways, which is good if you have the power, but a 155R15 tyre will be livelier and closer to a 5.60-15 crossply tyre.

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