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  • To see the important specifications of these tyres click Dunlop Racing Dimensions
  • Dunlop offer an extensive range of period Classic and Vintage Crossply racing tyres
  • Dunlop Racing tyres are the MSA control tyre for historic racing
  • Dunlop Racing tyres use their 204 compound, which has been developed to give progressive handling and longevity


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Dunlop Road Race Tyres

Racing tyres are normally designed purely for racing and no compromises are made for road suitability. However due to popular demand and in Dunlop's acknowledgement that many drivers of vintage and classic road legal race cars prefer to drive them to and from events on their racing tyres. Dunlop have carried out a complete test and development program on Dunlop Racing Tyres resulting in "E" marking accreditation on certain vintage and classic Dunlop Racing Tyres. These are the 16" & above Dunlop racing R5, R1, 3-stud & 5-stud pattern Dunlop Racing Tyres.

L and M section Dunlop Racing Tyres unfortunately are NOT road legal.

Dunlop Racing Tyres CR65

The Dunlop Racing CR65 is one of the "classic" vintage tyre racing patterns of all time. It was the tyre that virtually all of the British race car manufacturers and teams used in the '50s and 60's until the advent of slick tyres in later Grand Prix racing. Still made in the original vintage racing tyre moulds, but using modern compounds to produce the Dunlop Racing "204" compound.
The Dunlop Racing CR65 is built to compliment suspension and steering geometry of cars of this period.

Dunlop Racing Tyres CR48

Dunlop's Classic CR48 racing tyres are another of the classic racing patterns of the 1960's. These vintage racing tires are still made in the original tire moulds using Dunlop's 204 compound. Like the CR65 the Dunlop Racing CR48 is designed to compliment classic racing cars of this period.

Dunlop Racing Tyre Pressures

Dunlop Racing Tyres have no firm rules on pressures as classic and vintage car weights, rims and circuits do vary. However sufficient pressure must be used to avoid structural damage to the tyres. We suggest the starting point should be based on the car's original road going tyre pressures and subsequently adjusted to compensate for over and understeer found in many vintage and classic cars.

Dunlop are the MSA's Control Racing Tyres

Dunlop Race Tyres are the control tyres for many historic race series. This is because they are all made using Dunlop's "204" tyre compound. This is seen as a fair way of setting a level playing field as far as tyres go. Also Dunlop are committed to maintain an extensive range of racing tyres which should not increase in price more than inflation.

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