125 R15 Tyres

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125 R15 - Michelin X Whitewall Tyres on a Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV on 125 R15 Michelin X Whitewall Tyres

125 R15

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    Classic 125 R15 Tyres

  1. 125 R15 Inner Tubes

10 Items

125 R15 Tyres FAQ

Q: What is the best 125 R15 tyre?

A: We would suggest that the 125 R15 Michelin X is the best tyre in the size 125 R15. The Citroen 2CV was designed to driven on this tyre. It is an important part of the Chassis design.

Q: What car does a 125 R15 tyre fit.

A: 125 R15 is the correct tyre for the little air-cooled 2 cylinder Citroen cars 2CV. Ami 6 and Citroen Dyane.

Q: What year did Citroen start fitting 125 R15 Michelin X instead of the earlier 125 R400 Michelin X?

A: 1959-1960

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