Mercedes-Benz Ponton Tyres

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Mercedes-Benz Ponton (1953-1962) W120 Tyres

Mercedes-Benz Ponton (1953-1962) W121 Tyres

Mercedes-Benz Ponton (1954-1959) W180

Mercedes-Benz Ponton (1954-1959) W105

Mercedes-Benz Ponton (1954-1959) W128

Mercedes-Benz Ponton Models

The Mercedes-Benz Ponton series was available in five models, each with a different body style and wheelbase. The four-cylinder sedans had a 265 cm (104.3 in) wheelbase and included petrol and diesel versions. The petrol models were available in four variants: 180, 180a, 180b, and 180c. The diesel models were available in three variants: 180D, 180Db, and 180Dc. The six-cylinder sedan had a 275 cm (108.3 in) wheelbase and was known as the W105 219. The six-cylinder sedans had a 282 cm (111 in) wheelbase and were available in two variants: W180 220a and 220S, and W128 220SE. The six-cylinder coupes and cabriolets had a 270 cm (106.3 in) wheelbase and were also available in two variants: W180 220S and W128 220SE. The "D" suffix indicates a diesel engine, while the "b" and "c" suffixes denote body variants introduced after mid-1959.

The Mercedes-Benz 190SL roadster was a departure from the Ponton sedans, featuring a unique design that borrowed heavily from the 300SL sports car. It shared the same suspension but was built on a shortened version of the W121 Ponton floorpan.

The 190SL roadster was powered by a four-cylinder engine and was available with an optional hardtop. It was produced from 1955 to 1962 under the R121 model name.

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