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6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX for the Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedes 190 SL on 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX Tyres

Mercedes-Benz 190SL Tyres (1955–1963)

  • The original Mercedes 190 SL W121 (1955–1963) tyres were 640 - 13 Dunlop B5 crossply tyres, which are no longer in production.
  • Our recommended Mercedes 190 SL tyre is the 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX, a radial tyre designed specifically for classic cars like the 190 SL.
  • If you desired a whitewall tyre that also offered the best performance, the 6.40 x 13 Michelin ZX Whitewall is the only option.
  • The correct Mercedes 190SL innertube for these tyres is the Michelin 13F.
  • Mercedes-Benz 190 SL tyre pressure: in 1967, Pirelli offered a pressure of 28 PSI front and 30 PSI rear.
Mercedes-Benz 190 D Tyres

Mercedes-Benz 190 D

Mercedes 190 W121 Tyres (1955–1963)

  • Michelin manufactures a 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX, which is the perfect tyre for a 190C or 190D, as well as any Mercedes W121 190 subvariants such as the 190Db or 190b.
  • The best whitewall option available is the 6.40 x 13 Michelin ZX Whitewall.
  • For these tyres, Longstone recommends the Michelin 13F innertube.
  • Mercedes 190, 190B, 190 D, and 190 Db tyre pressures: psi front and 32 psi rear.
  • 190C and 190DC tyre pressures: 28 psi front and 34 psi rear.
1965 Mercedes-Benz 190 Dc Tyres

1965 Mercedes-Benz 190 Dc

Mercedes 190 W110 Tyres 1961–1965

  • Mercedes W110 models that fell into the 190 nomenclature were the 190c and the 190Dc, the diesel variant, and were in production from 1961 to 1965.
  • The original tyre size for the 190c and 190Dc models was 640–13, which allows for the fitment of the excellent 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX.
  • In 1962, some cars were moved up to 7.00 - 13 tyres; luckily the 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX covers both sizes and can be fitted in either instance.
  • The 6.40 x 13 Michelin ZX Whitewall is available for fashion-conscious Mercedes 190 W110 owners.
Mercedes-Benz 190 D and 190 E W201 Tyres

Mercedes-Benz 190 D and 190 E W201 Advert

Mercedes 190 W201 Tyres 1982–1993

The Mercedes-Benz W201, also known as the Mercedes 190 series, was a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, four-door sedan seating five. Produced from 1982 to 1993, it was Mercedes-Benz's first compact-class car.

  • Mercedes-Benz W201 190 cars fitted a range of modern tyre sizes, including 185/65R15 and 205/55R15. These are generic tyre sizes, still widely used today,
  • Mid-range models such as the 190E 1.8, 2.0, 2.6, and 190D 2.5 fitted 6J-15 tyres and 185/65R15 tyres.
  • The larger-engined, faster variants such as the 190 E 2.6 Sportline fitted larger 7J 15" wheels and 205/55R15 tyres.
  • According to our fitment guides, the majority of W201 190 models were available with both standard and larger wheel and tyre sizes, with the option to upgrade to the larger dimensions likely offered at the time of purchase.
  • If you have the smaller wheels we recommend 185/65R15 tyres, if you have the larger wheels we recommend 205/55R15 tyres.
  • The W201 was a hugely popular taxi in its day, and it's tyres are held by most modern tyre suppliers around the globe, as such if you need tyres for this car, you do not need our help.

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    Mercedes-Benz 190 Recommended Tyres

6 Items

Mercedes 190 Tyres

From this picture, we know that the original Mercedes 190SL tyres in 1958 were in fact 6.40-13 Dunlop B5 crossply tyres, which are no longer made. We now do not doubt suggesting that the best tyres for the handsome little 190SL are the 6.40/7.00SR13 Michelin ZX. The Michelin tyre carcass compliments the chassis setup of the 190SL.

Mercedes-Benz 190 History

1955–1963: W121 Chassis

The W121 chassis represents the early years of the Mercedes-Benz 190. Introduced in 1955, this model was part of the "Ponton" series, named for its pontoon-style bodywork, which was a significant design departure from the pre-war models. This era of Mercedes-Benz was marked by a move towards more modern and streamlined designs. The 190 models under the W121 chassis, also known as the 190 and 190D, were powered by a 1.9-liter gasoline engine and a 1.9-liter diesel engine, respectively. These cars were well-regarded for their solid construction, comfort, and reliability. Mercedes-Benz aimed to provide a more accessible luxury car that retained the prestige of the brand, which was a success with the 190 series.

1962–1965: W110 Chassis

The W110 chassis ushered in the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz 190, commencing in 1962. This line was part of the larger "Fintail" series, distinguished by American-style tailfins that were a styling trend of the era. Initially, the 190c and 190Dc models featured four-cylinder engines. The design was more angular compared to the W121, reflecting a shift in automotive trends towards sharper lines. Safety improvements were also significant in this model, with Mercedes-Benz making strides in passenger protection. The W110 chassis was shorter and less luxurious compared to its larger siblings in the Mercedes line-up, but it maintained the brand's reputation for quality and durability.

1984–1993: W201 Chassis

The W201 chassis, introduced in 1984, marked a significant leap forward and represented the compact class of Mercedes-Benz. Known as the Mercedes-Benz 190 or the 'Baby Benz', it signalled the brand's entry into the compact segment. The 190 series under the W201 chassis was designed with a focus on aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and advanced safety features, including anti-lock brakes and airbags. This model range was also notable for its diverse engine lineup, offering four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and diesel options. The W201 chassis set new standards in its class for handling and performance, thanks in part to its patented multi-link rear suspension. This car's success helped redefine Mercedes-Benz as a more versatile automaker capable of competing in various market segments.

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