Mercedes-Benz Fintail Tyres

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Mercedes-Benz Fintail Classic Tyres

It is worth noting that all the Mercedes Benz Fintail cars between 1959 and 1965 will handle at their best when fitted with these Michelin period radial tyres, because the superior carcass structure is very well suited to the chassis design of Mercedes in this period.

1964 W111 Mercedes Fintail 220 Tyres

1964 W111 Mercedes Fintail 220

Mercedes-Benz Fintail W111 (1959–1965)

  • Mercedes-Benz 220 S 1959–1965: 7.25 R 13 Michelin X.
  • Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe 1959–1965: 7.25 R 13 Michelin X.
  • Mercedes-Benz 220 SEB 1959–1965: 7.25 R 13 Michelin X.
  • Mercedes-Benz 230S 1965–1968: 7.25 R 13 Michelin X.
  • 7.25 R13 tyres are fitted with Michelin 13F innertubes when required. The 7.25 R 13 Michelin X requires innertubes.
  • Mercedes-Benz 250SE 1965–1967 (in the States, 7.35-14 cross-ply): 185 HR 14 Michelin MXV-P.
  • The correct tube for 185 HR 14 tyres is the Michelin 14F innertube.
Mercedes-Benz W112 Fintail 300SE Tyres

Mercedes-Benz W112 Fintail 300SE Tyres

Mercedes-Benz Fintail W112 (1959–1965)

  • Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Luxury saloon 1961–1965: 7.25 R 13 Michelin X.
1965 Mercedes Benz W110 190 D Sedan

1965 Mercedes Benz W110 190 D Sedan

Mercedes-Benz Fintail W110 (1961–1965)

  • Mercedes-Benz 190 C 1961–1965: 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX.
  • The 6.40/7.00-13 Michelin ZX would fit Michelin 13F innertubes.
  • Mercedes-Benz 190 DC 1961–1965: 6.40/7.00-13 Michelin ZX.
  • Mercedes-Benz 200 1965–1968: 6.40/7.00-13 Michelin ZX.
  • Mercedes-Benz 230 1965–1968: 175 HR 14 Michelin XAS.
  • For 175 R14 tyres, the Michelin 14E innertube is the best fit.
  • Mercedes-Benz 200D: 1965–1968 6.40/7.00-13 Michelin ZX.

The other good news for Fintail Mercedes owners is that Michelin also makes a 7.25 R13 Michelin X Whitewall and a 185 R 14 Michelin MXV Whitewall. That way, Fintail can maintain the handling benefits of Michelin while offering a white wall to those who want it.

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    Mercedes-Benz Fintail Recommended Tyres

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Mercedes-Benz Fintail History

The Mercedes-Benz Fintail, known as "Heckflosse" in German (literally meaning "tailfin"), is a nickname for the W110, W111, and W112 series saloon cars produced by Mercedes-Benz from 1959 to 1968. These vehicles replaced the earlier Ponton-series saloon cars introduced in 1953. The Fintail series is notable for its tailfin-era styling, which was a reflection of the prevailing trend in the United States at the time. This design approach marked a significant departure from Mercedes-Benz's previously more conservative image, even when considering their models like the 300SL Gullwing & roadster​​​​.

The Fintail models were also remarkable for their safety features. They were the first Mercedes-Benz vehicles to undergo extensive crash testing. Innovations included the incorporation of front and rear crumple zones, padded steering wheel and dash top, a windshield designed to pop out upon internal impact, a breakaway rearview mirror, and switches made from flexible materials. These safety advancements were significant at the time and contributed to the Fintail's reputation for engineering excellence and safety​​.

These cars were a turning point for Mercedes-Benz, setting the stage for the brand's emergence as a premier luxury sedan manufacturer. The Fintail series followed the design principles of the Ponton models but maintained a classic look that has endured over time​​.

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