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Triumph TR2

Triumph TR2

Triumph TR2 1953-1955

  • Originally, the Triumph TR2 ran a cross ply 5.50 - 15, if you desire a crossply in this size then we suggest the 5.50 x 15 Excelsior, although we would recommend this tyre for the Triumph TR2.
  • However on todays faster roads, we would fit the classic PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ as it offers a high levels of grip and directional stability.
  • Longstone recommends the 155 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 as the best radial tyre for the Triumph TR2.
  • Many TR2 users often want to fit a slightly larger 165R15, of which the 165 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 would be best for a TR2.
  • We do, however, strongly recommend against fitting wider tyres such as 185/70–15, as this will spoil the handling of your TR2.
  • The TR2 fitted tube-type wheels that require innertubes. For these tyres we suggest the Michelin 15E innertube.
  • The suggested tyre pressures for a TR2 are 24 psi on the front (26 psi for high speed) and 26 psi on the rear (28psi for high speed).

TR2 Longstone team at Portimao 2011

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History of the Triumph TR2

The classic Triumph TR2 is a sports car which was produced by the Standard Motor Company between 1953 and 1955, during which time 8,636 cars were produced.

The car used a twin SU carburettor version of the four-cylinder Standard Vanguard engine tuned to increase its power to 90 bhp. The body was mounted on a substantial separate chassis with coil-sprung independent suspension at the front and a leaf spring live axle at the rear. Either classic wire wheels or disc wheels could be supplied. The standard gearbox was a four-speed manual unit but overdrive was available on top gear as an option. Lockheed drum brakes were fitted all around. The Triumph TR2 was designed to challenge MG in the sports car export market to North America.

It was also built because Sir John Black, the boss of the Standard Motor Company made a bid for the classic Morgan Motor Company and failed. So he would have to build his own sports car that could compete with MG. Triumph already made the classic Triumph Roadster, but it was outdated and underpowered. Sir John Black wanted an affordable sports car, so he initiated a prototype to be built. The chassis was a shortened version of the Standard 8, the engine was the Standard Vanguard 2-litre, and a two-seater body was created around this. It was named the TS20. When it was revealed at the 1952 London Motor Show, the look of the car wasn't liked, but the project was given the go-ahead by Black anyway. A year later the TR2 was revealed. It had better looks; a simple ladder-type chassis; a longer body and a bigger boot. It was loved by American buyers and became the best earner for Triumph. In 1955 the classic Triumph TR3 came out with more power, a redesigned grille and a GT package that had a factory hard-top.

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