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Daimler SP250 Dart Advert

Daimler SP250 Dart Advert

Daimler SP250 Dart 1959–1964

  • We are confident that the looks and handling of Michelins 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS tyres will be excellent on a Daimler SP250. Even though we are aware that on some cars these tyres do rub a little on full lock, everybody that has fitted these tyres has been very happy with them.
  • The diameter of the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS being closer to the original crossply gives people the clearance needed for modern speed bumps and keeps the gearing correct while filling the wheel arches, and Michelin's asymmetric XAS tyres give a marked improvement to the directional stability at cruising speeds.
  • The other excellent option for the Dart would be PIRELLI's 165 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67, which was the top progressive sports car tyre of the period, and will also offer excellent handling.
  • Our period fitment guides inform us that the Dart was released on tube-type wheels throughout its production. Providing you have the original wheels, innertubes are needed.
  • Both our recommended tyres can be fitted with Michelin 15E innertubes, Michelin do the best tubes in the business.
  • For an SP250 Daimler Dart on radial tyres we recommend a tyre pressure of 28Psi Front and 30Psi in the rear.

Daimler Dart Tyres Explained- Please note that this video was created before the re-release of the 165 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO

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Daimler Dart

Daimler Dart with 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS fitted

Daimler SP250 tyres

The Daimler Dart was originally fitted with a crossply 590 - 15 tyre. If you would like to fit a radial alternative the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS would be a fantastic fitment for the Daimler Dart. We would recommend that you check your clearances before ordering these tyres, we have fitted plenty of 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS to Daimler Dart's how ever we have had just one case were the tyre rubbed on the front inner wing on just one side on lock but the other side had 10mm clearance.

Daimler Dart Tyres

Daimler Dart with 165x15 Vredestein classic tyres fitted

Daimler Dart Tires

Daimler Dart with 180x15 Michelin XAS classic car tyres fitted

Daimler Dart Tyre
165 SR 15 Vredestein Classic, 590 H15 Dunlop RS5 and 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS

At Longstone Tyres we are committed to providing customers with the best tyres for their classic cars. To this end, we try and find the most appropriate alternatives for owners wishing to upgrade classic cars originally fitted with cross-ply tyres to radial tyres.

For owners of classic cars that were equipped with 590 - 15 vintage tyres the accepted radial replacement used to be a 165-15 Tyres. This size gave roughly the right amount of rubber on the road without making the steering too heavy but was slightly lacking in the height department! A good compromise. When Longstone was appointed distributors of the Michelin Classic range of tyres we were pleased to find that it included the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS, a tyre initially designed specifically for the Citroen DS (when Michelin owned Citroen).

This unique classic tyre now gives owners of cars such as the Daimler Dart and Austin Healey the ability to fit a high-performance radial tyre that does not compromise their vehicle.

In the picture below we have the 165SR15 Vredestein Classic, the 590H15 Dunlop RS5 and 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS. As you can see the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS is the most appropriate radial classic tyre for the Daimler Dart as its overall diameter is virtually identical to the original specification cross-ply. This will ensure that the gearing and speedometer reading remain unaltered and most importantly the ground clearance is retained!! Longstone recently rescued a customer from the misery of incorrect tyres as can be seen from the pictures below.

The car came in wearing 165-15 tyres which looked "lost" in the wheel arches. As can be seen, the 180 HR 15 Michelin XAS tyres that were fitted now fill the wheel arch and still give the steering the light feel that owners enjoy.

Daimler Dart with 180x15 Michelin XAS fitted on the front Daimler SP250

Daimler SP250 Tyres Daimler SP250 Tires

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