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Peugeot Tyres


If your Peugeot is not listed, don't panic! Please give us a call on:
01302 711 123
Email: sales@longstonetyres.co.uk

Classic Peugeot Tyres

Longstone Tyres can provide tyres for across the whole Peugeot range, from the 203 to the 604.

Peugeot Tyres

The following list are our recommendations for Peugeots:

  • 155R400 Michelin X for a Peugeot 203 (Pre-1954)
  • 155SR15 Whitewall Tyre for a Peugeot 203 (Post-1954)
  • 145TR14 Bridgestone for a Peugeot 204 & 304
  • 165SR15 Michelin XZX for a Peugeot 403 & 404
  • 175HR14 Michelin XAS for a Peugeot 504 GL, Saloon, Coupe, Cabriolet & Peugeot 604
  • 185HR14 Michelin MXV-P for a Peugeot 504 Estate

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