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Peugeot 203

Peugeot 203

Peugeot 203 Tyres

  • Longstone recommends the 155 R 400 Michelin X for a Pre-1954 Peugeot 203.
  • The ideal innertube for these tyres is the Michelin 16F innertube.
  • A Post-1954 Peugeot 203 is best suited to a 155-15 tyre. Our suggestion for this size is the 155 TR 15 Michelin X.
  • Another great option for the Post-1954 203 is the 155 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67, which also offers great performance and a classic tread.
  • For these tyres we offer the Michelin 15E innertube.
  • The 203 fitted tube-type wheels throughout production, as such, innertubes are required, even if you fit tubeless radial tyres.

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    Peugeot 203 Recommended Tyres

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History of the Peugeot 203

Built between 1948-1960, the 203 was the first model Peugeot created after World War II, and for some time was the only car they made between 1949-1955 with 700,000 produced. The 203 would include many different versions, from a 5 door estate (Commerciale), six-seater (Familale) to a 2-door coupe and even a Fire Engine at the Peugeot plant.

The 1290 cc four-cylinder engine was notable for its 'oversquare' cylinder proportions, as well as the hemispherical combustion chambers contained within the light metal cylinder heads. The power output was reported to be 41 horsepower at launch, but this was boosted to 44 hp for the October 1952 Paris Motor Show. Peugeot advertising emphasised that the boost in power came with no consequence in terms of fuel efficiency or car tax, owing to the cylinder capacity remaining unchanged.

The 203 was a huge success in France. The 203 was heavily advertised on the final page of the sales brochure of the Peugeot 202 in October 1947, nearly a whole year before the 203 could be offered for sale. This move under some circumstances might have been expected to encourage discounting of the predecessor model, however, there appears to have been a lot of pent-up demand by the time the 203 was released, and the car's practicality, affordability, and dependability enticed many drivers.

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