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Michelin 14D Offset Valve Tube

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Michelin 14D Offset Valve Tube

Michelin 14D Offset Valve Tube

Excl. Tax: $12.15 Incl. Tax: $14.58
Rim Tape for Wire Wheels 14" - 17"

Rim Tape for Wire Wheels 14" - 17"

Excl. Tax: $4.05 Incl. Tax: $4.86
Pack of 5 Classic Valve Caps

Pack of 5 Classic Valve Caps

Excl. Tax: $4.73 Incl. Tax: $5.68


MG B Inner Tubes

An early MG B would fit a 155R14 Michelin X. But then the majority of MG B’s fitted a 165HR14 Pirelli Cinturato CA67. This Michelin inner tube is the best possible inner tube for either of these sizes and perfect for an MG B.

There is a possibility that your MG B may have been fitted with over sized tyres such as a 185/70R14, under these circumstances you will need a 14 E 13 Michelin inner tube. And the best tyre would be the 185/70VR14 Pirelli Cinturato CN36. However the best tyre is the original 165HR14 Cinturato CA67.

If you car has been fitted with some lower 65% profile tyres then you should not fit inner tubes. If your MGB does have wire wheels then you should always fit an inner tube.

MG B inner Tubes


This Michelin Inner tube fits: Find tyres in this size: Budget Alternative – We strongly recommend Michelin inner tubes
145 x 14 Search for 145x14 145/165x14" Offset Valve Tube
155 x 14 Search for 155x14 145/165x14" Offset Valve Tube
165 x 14 Search for 165x14 145/165x14" Offset Valve Tube

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Valve exits wheel rim Offset

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