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Letters page September 2010


Written by Dougal Cawley. Published in ACtion, Volume 36 Number 5, September 2010 issue, The AC Owners Club.


Dear Terry

For some time now there hasn't really been the perfect tyre for a 428 Frua. I believe the original size was 205R15 however I am unsure what make of tyre they fitted. This size was quite a popular size with the top Italian marques, and such cars as Ferrari's 330 GT, 365GT 2+2, 500 Superfast. Maserati's Mistral 4200 QuatroPorte, Ghibli, Sebring Mexico and the fabulous 5000GT, Lamborghini's 350GT, 400GT 2+2, Espada, Islero, and the first Muiras, and the ISO Grifo and Rivolta all fitted the same 205VR15 CN72 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ HS. I guess that AC would have fitted the same tyre as it was the highest spec tyre of the time. If anyone could let me know what was original equipment I'd love to know.

PIRELLI have started to reproduce that exact tyre for Longstone Tyres. There is another tyre in the size 205 x 15 made by Avon. It is a good tyre but is very much more designed with the early Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in mind and has an H speed rating compared to the V of the CINTURATO ™.

Until now lots of cars that should have fitted the CINTURATO ™ but were unable to get them have been forced to fit 70% profile tyres which are smaller in diameter, and therefore not quite right in many ways. I have had Cobra owners historically concerned about getting tyres the right height for their cars and I wondered if this new tyre might be the answer. The picture shows the new PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ HS CN72 205VR15 in the Centre, on the left is Michelin's 205/70VR15 XWX and on the right the 215/70VR15 XWX. There is little doubt that in these 70% profile sizes the Michelin XWX is the best tyre, but as you can see not tall enough.



Michelin XWX & PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN72 line up

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