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Lamborghini Espada S3

Lamborghini Espada S3

Lamborghini Espada 1968–1978

  • The first Espada came fitted with 7” wide wheels and fitted 205 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72.
  • The later series 3 Espada had power steering to accommodate wider wheels that fitted wider lower profile 215/70 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN12 tyres.
  • The Michelin 15/17H will be the best fitting innertube for these tyres.
  • Our period fitment guides suggest that the Espada was released on tube-type wheels throughout production, innertubes are required for these wheels. If you have an Espada with tubeless wheels as original equipment please get in contact so that we can improve our information.
  • Lamborghini Espada Tyre pressures - 34psi front and 36psi rear.

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History of the Lamborghini Espada

The Espada made its debut at the 1968 Geneva Motor Show. The Espada was powered by a 3,929 cc Lamborghini V12 engine developed from the 400 GT 2+2 and rated at 325 horsepower. Campagnolo produced the alloy wheels on knock-off hubs based on the Miura's design. The rear lights were identical to those found on the first-generation Fiat 124 Sport Coupé. Before January 1970, 186 were produced.

Lamborghini introduced the Espada S2 at the 1970 Brussels Motor Show. The only exterior alteration was the removal of the grille that covered the vertical glass tail panel. Inside, the alterations were more dramatic: a completely new dashboard, centre console, and steering wheel were fitted. The dashboard had a wood-trimmed fascia that ran the length of it. The centre armrest was also updated, and back seat ventilation was increased. The greater 10.7:1 compression ratio allowed power output to climb to 350 horsepower. Instead of solid discs, the brakes were updated to vented Girling discs. There were 575 Series II Espadas constructed in total, making it the most common iteration.

The Espada S3 was launched in 1972. The inside was updated with a revised aluminium-trimmed instrument panel that placed all instruments and most controls within reach of the driver. The older knock-off wheels were replaced by newly manufactured wheels with five-stud hubs. Some late S2 Espadas also had these wheels. The front grille now had a square mesh rather than a hexagonal mesh. New tail lights were installed, which were obtained from an Alfa Romeo 2000. A sunroof was also offered. The 350-horsepower engine from the S2 was retained. ZF power steering and air conditioning were now standard features. The spring and shock absorber settings were tweaked somewhat. A Chrysler Torqueflite 3-speed automatic gearbox was also included as an option in 1974.

Lamborghini Espada III Tyres

Lamborghini Espada

Because it was now fitted with power steering, the later Lamborghini, Espada III was presented in October 1972, was fitted with wider wheels and more modern, lower profile tyre, 215/70 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN12. The CINTURATO ™ CN12 would still be the best tyres for these cars. However today because for some time the CINTURATO ™ was not available many of the Lamborghini Espada cars are fitted with a 215/70VR15 XWX which is also an excellent tyre.

Michelin XWX Tyres Explained

Lamborghini Espada Borrani Wire Wheels

Borrani wheels are available for your Lamborghini Espada. As agents for the iconic Ruote Borrani Milano company we are able to supply all wheels from their extensive range.

If your Borrani wheels require rebuilding then please contact us at [email protected]

Wire wheels made by Ruote Borrani Milano are, without doubt, the best wire wheels available. Borrani wheels utilise aluminium rims, steel spokes and steel wheel centres.

Click the link for Lamborghini Espada Borrani wheels.

Wheels made by Borrani are available in the following styles:

  • Painted silver finish, as per the racing wheels of the period
  • Polished and chrome finish, highly polished rim, chrome spokes & wheel centre
  • Painted finish with polished outer edge

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