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Citroen 2CV White Wall Tyres
  • From the beginning of the last century until the mid 1970s white wall tyres were popular particularly in the USA.
  • There is a wide variety of White Wall tyres, varied sizes of tyre, structure of tyre and varied size of white wall.
  • White wall tyres are not suited to European Sports cars.
  • Can we also suggest that you are carful with white wall tyres, they are easily damaged.
  • We offer Race Glazer White Wall tyre cleaner.
  • We can also offer a service where we can have a white wall built into the side wall of a top branded tyre such as Michelin or Pirelli.
  • Michelin are now making a small range of white wall tyres including the 185HR14 MXV White Wall for Classic Mercedes and 165SR15 XZX White Wall for VW Beetle.


There is a wide variety of white-wall tyres available with a variety of different height, or thickness of full white-wall or white wall band. We do also offer the service of having your choice of white-wall height built into the side wall of your classic car tyre. This is not a cheap or fast process but it does mean a customer can get the look he wants on his classic car.

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73 Items

white wall tyre cleaner

White Wall Tyre cleaner

More often than not, simply some washing up liquid and water will be enough to clean the white wall on your tyre. We do however offer Race Glaze as an enhanced producted for cleaning your white wall tyre side wall.

Important notice about cleaning white wall tyres:

  • Do not use close up pressure washers on your tyre side wall. It will wash the oils out of the tyre and they will perish quicker.
  • Do not use heavy duty chemicals when cleaning tyre side walls they can taint your white wall and stain it brown.
  • Do not use other tyre shine products that are not designed specifically for use on white wall tyres. Again it can taint the white rubber.
Jaguar E-Type Whitewall Tyres
White Wall Tyres

White Wall Crossply Tyres

What are the best crossply white wall tyres for my 1930 Model A Ford?

The 4.75/5.00-19 Firestone white wall tyre would be perfect. Firestone was one of the tyre manufacturers that were used by Ford back in period. He basically used any manufacturer that gave him a good price, and Firestone were one of them.

What is the cheapest white wall crossply tyre for my Rolls Royce Silver Cloud?

Well we do have an 8.20-15 white wall. which is a great value white wall tyre with a crossply carcass. However we do have excellent 235/75R15 radial white wall tyre alternatives that are great value, and are the cheapest white wall tyres for a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

White Wall Radial Tyres

What are the best white wall radial tyres for an E-type Jaguar?

The best way to fit white wall tyres to an e-type Jaguar is for us to have a white wall built into the side wall of a Pirelli Cinturato tyre. There are budget white wall radial 205/70R15 tyres available, but fitting a 205/70R15 tyre onto the non power steering cars, somewhat spoils the handling. And even on the V12 series 3 they still do not have the carcass structure for a sports car that goes round corners. We strongly suggest sticking to a Michelin or Pirelli carcass, and ring us 00 44 1302 711123 and we can arrange to have a white wall built in. We strongly suggest not fitting white wall onto European sports cars! It just isn’t right.

What is the cheapest white wall radial tyres for my Rolls Royce Silver Shadow?

The Cheapest white wall radial tyres for A Silver Shadow are the 235/70R15 White Wall. However the Silver Shadow did originally fit 235/70VR15 Avon TurboSpeed White Wall radial tyres. And as a handling improvement they fitted 235/70R15 Michelin XVS. The Michelin XVS is not a white wall tyre, we can however have a white wall built into top quality tyres.

Whitewall Tyres FAQ

Are white wall Tyres road legal?

No. so long as the tyres meet your countries legal requirements as the ones listed on this site do, then they are perfectly legal for highway usage.

Are white wall tires still available?

Yes. White wall classic car tyres are still being manufactured by a range of tyre manufacturers all over the world.

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