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Michelin ZX

  • Michelin ZX is a 1968 continuation of the famous Michelin X, the first radial tyre.
  • Improved tread and carcass design reducing fuel consumption.
  • These are S rated tyres capable of speeds up to 113mph.
  • Designed for comfort with a flexible side wall.
  • The ZX has lots of Sipes to move water and provide plenty of grip.
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    Michelin ZX Tyres

    The Michelin ZX carcass’s casing plies are laid radially across the tread, providing a comfortable supple ride, while remaining cool at extended cruising speeds. The multisiped tread of the ZX ensure predictable handling characteristics for safe cornering in all weathers.

    The 135 SR 15 Michelin ZX is the perfect car for a Citroen Ami, Renault Dauphine, Ondine, Renault 4CV, R8, R10, Floride & Renault Caravelle.

    ZX Ami
    ZX on dauphine

    The ZX Michelin is also made in 6.40/7.00 SR 13 ZX, which is very much a Mercedes tyre. there is nothing else really that is so well suited to early 180, 190 & 200 cars.

    ZX on dauphine
  • Strong grip for good road handling.
  • Reduced fuel consumption compared to predecessor.
  • Flexible sidewall for comfortable ride.
  • The Michelin ZX is a vintage tyre which was first introduced onto the market in 1968. The tyre was an enhancement on the Michelin X, using more sipes and a flexible sidewall for improved ride comfort.

    Michelin's ZX is still availible in a number of sizes and provides classic cars with an authentic look, as well as a good performance.

    ZX Michelin
    ZX on dauphine

    ZX Michelin