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Volkswagen Polo Mk2 G40 Classic Tyres

Volkswagen Polo Mk2 G40

  • The MK1 Volkswagen Polo fitted 145 - 13 classic tyres. The tyre we recommend in this size is the 145HR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • The Michelin 13CG Offset Valve Inner Tube is the tube we offer for this tyre size.
  • Some Polo's may be fitted with 155 R13 tyres either due to the rarity of 145R13 tyres or a preference for a wider, taller tire. In the 155R13 size, the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 is the best option.
  • The ideal innertube for 155R13 tyres is the Michelin 13D.
  • Our period 1977 fitment guide states that the polo fitted tubeless wheels. The Polo was released just two years earlier, in 1975; therefore, it is likely that these early models also had tubeless wheels. Innertubes are not required for these wheels unless your rims are no longer airtight.
  • The Mark 2 Polo also fitted 145 R 13 aside from the 1.3 Coupe, which fitted 165/65 13 tyres, which are unfortunately not manufactured by any classic tyre manufacturers.
  • The Mark 2F Polos also fitted 145 R 13 across the range, with a few exceptions; the Polo 1.3 Hatchback and GT Coupe fitted 155/70 13 and 165/65 13 respectively. Unfortunately, no classic tyre manufacturer currently makes a 155/70 R 13 tyre. However, these cars can fit 175/60 13 classic tyres.
  • We recommend fitting the 175/60 13 Michelin Pilot Sport Exalto PE2 as the best tyre in this size.
  • Tyres with a profile below 70% (e.g 175/60 13 Michelin Pilot Sport Exalto PE2) should not fit innertubes.
  • For a Mark 3 Polo on 13" wheels we recommend fitting the 175/65 TR 13 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2. For a Mark 3 Polo on 14" wheels we recommend fitting a 185/55 VR 14 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2.
  • A Mark 4 Polo on 5Jx14 ET35 rims fitted 165/70 R 14 and a Mk4 Polo on 6Jx14 ET43 rims fitted 185/60 R 14 classic tyres.
  • The tyre we recommend in this size is the 185/60 VR 14 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 tyres.
  • Unfortunately, no classic tyre manufacturers currently make a tyre in the size 165/70 R 14.

Volkswagen Polo G40 Tyres

  • We recommend the 175/60 R 13 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 for the Volkswagen Polo G40. The Pilot Exalto PE2 range is a perfect fit for classic hot hatch cars.

Volkswagen Polo TDi Tyres

Volkswagen Polo GTi Tyres

  • The Mk3 Volkswagen Polo GTis fitted 195/45 R 15 tyres. Unfortunately, no classic tyre manufacturer currently makes a tyre in this size. Alternatively, you can fit 185/55 R 15 tyres to the Mk3 GTi.
  • The MK4 Volkswagen Polo GTis also fitted 185/55 15 tyres, but some also fitted 195/55 R 15 tyres. The tyre we recommend in this size is the 195/55 VR 15 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2.

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History Of The Volkswagen Polo

The revision to the Volkswagen Polo in 1990 is referred to here as "Mark 2F", some refer to this as "Mark 3" but as this revision is a facelift and not a seperate generation, it is referred to as "Mark 2F" here.

Classic Volkswagen Polo GTi Tyres

The Volkswagen Polo started life as a cheaper rebadged version of the Audi 50. The Polo was sold alongside the Audi 50 from 1975 but, the Polo went on to sell much more than the 50 did, leading to the 50's eventual discontinuation in 1978. In 1979, the Polo received a facelift, giving the Polo plastic bumpers, a revised grille, and the Jetta's square headlights, signifying VW's full ownership of the model in a way. The Polo saw great success in the first years, aligning itself with the rest of the supermini hatchbacks that were getting popular at the time and becoming the emerging Hot Hatch scene such as the Simca 1100 TI, Renault 5 Alpine, and Volkswagen's own VW Golf.

The Mark 2 Polo hit the market in late 1981 with the major change of the introduction of a new body style. A steep rear window was added, despite both body styles being three-door hatchbacks they are dubbed as the Hatchback and Coupe. This new Polo was used as a test platform for VW's new developments, such as the G40 Supercharger, which was implemented into the Polo GT G40, the first Hot Hatch in the Polo line. In 1990, the Polo received a facelift, referred to by many as the Mark 2F "F" standing for a facelift of course. bringing a few major reworkings, which is why many confuse this facelift to be a new generation of Polo, although due to the time of the facelift and the changes made, it's easy to see why so many make this easy mistake. The Polo received bigger bumpers, a rounder front end, and a revised interior, giving it a fairly different appearance from its predecessor.

VW Polo G40 Classic Tyres

The Mark 3 Polo brought in some more big changes to the line that brought it up to speed with its competitors, such as the Peugeot 205 and Nissan Micra, adding diesel models and 5-door models to the line. The Introduction of the true sporting model was the real big change in the lineup of hatchbacks in Europe. The GTI was powered by a 1.6 16V 125 PS (92 kW) engine with variable valve timing, this made it the most powerful Polo produced yet, the only thing missing would be the six-speed gearbox that was later introduced into the Lupo GTi. Adaptations to the bodywork gave the car the look to match its power. Deeper front bumpers with honeycomb mesh inserts, side skirts, fog lights, a honeycomb mesh grille, and 15" BBS split rims made the car look the part. The Polo's GTi models never really saw as much popularity as its groundbreaking counterpart, the Golf, ever really did, this is understandable though, considering the quantity of high-quality hot hatches that were being produced up to, and beyond this point, you were really spoiled for choice, the BMW made John Cooper Works Minis, Seat Leon Cupra, and Honda Civic Type R were all fantastic newcomers to this market as well as the more well-established cars still selling well.

The Mk4 Volkswagen Polo was launched in September 2001. The Mark 4 received smaller, more simplified bumpers and round headlights similar to that of the Lupo. The Mark 4 model range was still very modern, featuring further adaptations of the fuel injection models, with the diesel engines receiving turbocharged units, namely the 1.9TDI PD model launched in 2004. Many old luxuries such as ABS, power steering, and front and side airbags were now standard across all models and the newer digital luxuries such as satnav and brake assist were featured as optional features on the higher-spec models. As the SUV craze swept Europe, Volkswagen took to experimenting with a crossover-inspired model of Polo, named, the Polo Dune in the UK, this was an odd branching out at the start of the urban off-road trend that is very prevalent in the Modern Day with Range Rovers and Mercedes G Wagons.

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