155 R13 Tyres

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155 R13 Tyres - 1964 Lotus Elan GT 1600cc Tyres

1964 Lotus Elan GT 1600cc on 155R13 Tyres

155 R13

  • 155 R13 is the radial alternative to the crossply tyre 5.60-13.
  • 155 R13 tyres were very common fitment on many cars of the 1970 such as Ford Escort and Lotus Elan.
  • We would suggest currently the best 155 R13 tyre is the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • The 155 HR 13 Michelin XAS is another great tyre in this size.
  • A 155 R13 tyre is the same as a 155/80 R13. 155mm wide; 80% of 155mm is the side wall height.
  • 155/80 R13 is sort of the correct name, but 155 R13 tyres were developed before there was an option of lower aspect ratios (<80%).
  • Low-profile alternative for 155 R13: 175/70 - 13.
  • Innertube for 155 R13: MICHELIN 13D OFFSET VALVE TUBE.
  • Rim tape (for Wire Wheel) for 155 R13: Rim Tape 13" - 17".
  • 155 R13 can also be described as: 155/80 R 13, 155 x 13, 155/80 - 13 or 155 R 13.

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    Classic 155 R13 Tyres

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11 Items

Classic 155/80 R13 Tyres

When radial tyres were first developed you would come across tyre sizes such as 155-13 or 155 R13. As tyres were developed the introduction of low profile tyres meant that an aspect ratio were listed after the first width measurement in this case 155. (meaning 155mm wide). So for instance if there were a 155/70 – 13 this would mean that the side wall height were 70% of the 155mm. Before these lower profile tyres were developed tyre sizes like 155-13 had no need to list the aspect ratio as there was now choice. These earlier cars do have a 80% aspect ratio, and could effectively be called 155/80-13 or 155/80R13.

Q: What is the best tyre for a Ford Escort?

A: 155 R13 Pirelli Cinturato was OE on many Ford Escort cars. Also the Michelin 155 R13 XAS is an excellent tyre in the size 155 R13. Escort Mexico and RS cars mostly fitted 175/70 R13 Cinturato CN36.

Q: What is the best radial alternative to a 560-13 crossply tyre?

A: a 155 R13 tyre is the best radial alternative to a 560X13 tyre.

Q: What is the best low profile alternative to a 155 R13 tyre?

A: the Pirelli 175/70 R13 Cinturato CN36 is the perfect low profile option for a 5.60X13 or 155 R13 tyre.

Q: What is the best 155 R13 tyre?

A: Pirelli make the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 which is an excellent 155 R13 tyre with an H speed rating.

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