175/70 R13 Tyres

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175/70 R13 Tyres

Ford Escort Rally on 175/70 R13 Tyres

175/70 R13

8 Items

    Classic 175/70 R13 Tyres

  1. 175/70 R13 Inner Tubes

8 Items

Q: What is the best tyre for a Ford Escort Mexico?

A: The Escort RS and Mexico tyres tended to fit 175/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36.

Q: can I fit a 175/70 R13 on a car that originally fitted a 155 R13?

A: yes, mostly. 175/70 R13 is a low-profile alternative to a 155 R13 tyre. However, it is wider, so you need to be sure it won’t rub your inner wing.

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