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155 R14 Tyres - MGB

MGB on 155 R14 Tyres

155 R14

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    Classic 155 R14 Tyres

  1. 155 R14 Inner Tubes

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155/80 R14 Tyres

Morris Minor 1000 on 155/80 R14 Tyres

155/80 R14 Tyres

The initial production of radial tyres came without the necessity to specifying the aspect ratio of a tyre. In this case, 80%. A 155 R14 in modern terms would be called a 155/80 R14; however, when the size 155 R14 came out, there were no other options, such as a 155/70 R14 or a 155/60 R14, and the need to call it a 155/80 R14 was not there.

This picture displays a Morris Minor 1000 fitted with a 155/80 R14 tyre. The car was dramatically improved by fitting a 145 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67, the correct size for the car.

Q: what is the best tyre in the size 155 R14?

A: Michelin makes the 155 R14 X, which we would suggest is the best tyre in the size.

Q: what is the best alternative to a 560-14 crossply?

A: we would suggest the Michelin 155 R14 X.

Q: What is the best 155 R14 tyre for a Morris Minor 1000?

A: if you have the wider Morris Minor Van wheels on your Morris Traveller or Minor 1000 then the 155 R14 Michelin X would be the best tyre in the size 155 R14. However, a 145R14 tyre is the correct alternative to the original 5.20-14 fitted by the Mogey Minor so the 145 R14 Pirelli Cinturato would be a better tyre for a Minor 1000, or Morris Traveller.

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