Avon CR6ZZ

Avon CR6ZZ tyres

Avon CR6ZZ

Avon produce a range of road legal race tyres called the Avon CR6ZZ in several sizes which are suited to many of the faster classic cars like the classic AC Cobra and fantastic Ford GT40, the Avon CR6ZZ classic tyre is ideally suited for the classic car enthusiast who may want to drive his or her classic to and from the circuit be it on a track day or a race.

Avon CR6ZZ Tires

Avon CR6ZZ Racing Tyres

The Cr6ZZ Tyres from Avon are excellent race tyres that are also E marked for road use. They could be called:

  • Avon CR6ZZ Racing Tyres
  • Avon CR6ZZ Rally Tyres
  • Avon CR6ZZ Road Tyres