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Fiat 600 & Fiat 600D 1955–1969

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History of the Fiat 600

The Fiat 600 is a rear-engined, water-cooled city automobile produced and marketed by Fiat between 1955 and 1969, available as a two-door fastback sedan and four-door Multipla compact MPV body designs. It was the first unibody and rear-engined Fiat, being only 3.22 m long.

The Fiat 600, codenamed "Project 100," was based on the layout of the Volkswagen Beetle and Renault 4CV of the time. Aiming to be a cost-effective yet competent vehicle, its design criteria were for a weight of roughly 450 kg, the capacity to transport four persons and baggage, and a cruising speed of no less than 52 mph.

All four wheels were equipped with hydraulic drum brakes. The suspension was a single double-mounted leaf spring—which also works as a stabilizer—connected to gas-charged shock absorbers between the front wheels, and an independent coil-over-shock absorber arrangement attached to semi-trailing arms at the rear.

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