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NSU Prinz Mint Green

NSU Prinz Mint Green

NSU Prinz Tyres

  • For the NSU Prinz a set of 125SR12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 is recommended by Longstone Tyres.
  • The Michelin 12C is the best fitting innertube for these tyres.
  • Later models may have been fitted with tubeless wheels, but earlier models would have fitted tube-type wheels, the standard for the era.

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History of the NSU Prinz

Built between 1958-1973 the NSU Prinz was a series of 2-door saloons; the NSU Prinz 30 (1958-1962), NSU Sport Prinz (1959-1967) & NSU Prinz 4 (1961-1973). The car was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1957 with the slogan "Fahre Prinz und Du bist König" ("Drive a Prince and you're a King"). It would eventually be phased out once NSU was acquired by Volkswagen to reduce competition for Volkswagen's Type 1 and to use the production facilities to make high profiting Audis.

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