145/70 R12 Tyres

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145/70 R12 Tyres - Mini on 145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54

Classic Mini on 145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 Tyres

145/70 R12

  • Our recommended 145/70 R12 classic tyre is the 145/70 R 12 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54.
  • 145/70 R12 tyres are the standard size for classic Mini after they changed to 12” wheels in 1984.
  • Many of these Mini actually fitted the Pirelli as standard with the CN54 tread pattern.
  • Inner tube for 145/70 R12 Tyres: Michelin 12CG Offset Valve Tube.
  • Rim tape (for Wire Wheel) for 145/70 R12: Rim Tape 13" - 17".
  • 145/70 R12 can also be described as: 145/70 x 12, 145/70 x 12 or 145/70 R 12.
  • A 145/70 R12 tyre is also often used as a low profile alternative to a 125 – 12 tyre.

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    Classic 145/70 R12 Tyres

  1. 145/70 R12 Inner Tubes

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145/70 R12 Classic Tyres

145/70 R12 Classic Mini Tyres

The Classic Mini has been a really popular classic because they are just so much fun to drive, they are cheap to run, and they were a landmark in the production of cars; A Mini is just cool. The development of the Mini did not stand still, and in 1984 quite a big step was fitting disc brakes, to fit the brake calliper inside the wheel it was necessary to move up from 10” wheels to 12” wheels, and instead of fitting 145 R10 tyres they fitted 145/70 R12.

Currently the tyre size 145/70 R12 is well serviced by 2 of the world's best tyre manufacturers. Michelin makes the 145/70 R12 XZX. The XZX came out in 1976 as a continuation of the X then the ZX range of high-quality road tyres for family saloons offering excellent value and performance in the wet. Pirelli make the 145/70 R12 Cinturato CN54. The CN54 is a continuation of the Cinturato tread pattern that was so important when the Mini first came out.

The CN54 145/70 R12 maintained the look and characteristics of the original Cinturato but offered some enhancements to make them better suited to modern roads and more modern cars. As a result of which a massive amount of these later Rover Mini special editions came fitted with the 145/70 R12 Pirelli.

Q: What size tyre did Mini fit?

A: early Mini fitted 145 R10. However, from 1984 They fitted 12” wheels, better brakes and 145/70 R12 tyres.

Q: What is the best 145/70 R12 Tyre?

A: Michelin makes the 145/70 R12 XZX which we would suggest would probably be the best tyre in the size 145/70 R12

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