Rolls Royce Corniche

When Rolls Royce first introduced the Corniche in 1971 they fitted the same tyres as the early Silver Shadow 1. Both the Corniche and the Silver Shadow 1 fitted 205VR15 tyres until 1973. There are two truly suitable options of tyre for the pre 1973 Corniche:

Rolls Royce Corniche Tyres

  • 205VR15 Avon Textile would be the standard original fitment from Rolls Royce. If it is comfort you are after then the Avon would be the tyre of choice for someone being driven in their Corniche
  • For someone that is driving their own Corniche, PIRELLI make a 205VR15 CINTURATO ™ CN72. This would be the choice of tyre for the person behind the steering wheel, it is more of a handling car tyre and no derogatory effects. As a driver of classic cars I would recommend the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ as the tyre I would put on a Corniche.
  • Although it is not exactly the correct size, we do also offer a 215/75 R 15 Hercules Whitewall. They do fit and people are often tempted by it's price, the fact it has a thin white band which can be fitted inwards if you don't want white walls. Though Longstone recommend the Avon or CINTURATO ™, this buget tyre is ideal for a wedding car.
  • In 1995 the Corniche S fitted wider 7.5" rims and changed to wider 255/65VR15 Avon tyres.

Here is a short film made about Silver Shadow 1 tyres, also relevant to pre 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche tyres

In 1973, Rolls Royce followed the trend and moved to the more modern, low profile tyre size 235/70VR15. At the time, Rolls Royce were keen to fit Michelin's asymmetric XVS tyre, because of it's handling characteristics, however Michelin were not keen to supporting Rolls Royces very low pressure recommendations, so the post 1973 Corniche was fitted with Avon 235/70VR15 TurboSteel or the 235/70VR15 Avon Turbosteel with a white band as standard and the 235/70HR15 Michelin XVS was an option for those who wanted to improve the handling of their Corniche. For those on a budget we can also offer a bargain 235/70R15 White band tyre.

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The following video was made to demonstrate the tyres for a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which fits the same tyres as a Corniche

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