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MG YB Tyres

The MG YB differs to the rest of the MG Y-Types that fitted 525x16 wheels by opting for 15" wheels instead. This makes them suited to a 560x15 tyre, and though an unusual size Longstone can supply a 550x15 Excelsior.

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    MG YB Recommended Tyres

  1. 550x15 Excelsior
    5.50 x 15 Excelsior

    Starting at $151.20 $126.00

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History of the MG YB

The MG YB was an improvement of the Y-Type, built from 1951-1953. Dropping down to 15" wheels and fitting a hypoid type of back axle and a anti-roll bar coupled with improved shocks & dampners, the YB was the best handling of the MG Y-Type series.

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