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Often people with an MG C want to fit a wider tyre, in which case we would suggest that the 185/70 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 N4 would be the best option, as it will give less derogatory effects than other low profile tyres. Fitting something like a 185/65R15 is completely wrong. Over sized tyres will make the steering heavier and the handling of the car less progressive, so we would suggest sticking to the tyre that MG knew was best for the MGC


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History of the MGC

Built between 1967-1969, the MGC was a straight-6 version of the MGB that had different brakes, new suspension and 15" wheels as opposed to the MGB's 14".

Initially somewhat panned at release due to the added weight of the bigger engine and new suspension spoiling the car's handling somewhat, the MGC is now seen as a desirable MG to have. The suspension difficulties can be overcome with some light modifications and fitting the excellent 165HR15 CINTURATO ™ CA67 will give a level of handling that was not available at the time.


Q. I am looking for 3 x TOYO 350, size 175x65x15.

A. Could I ask what car are these for?

Q. Right then, the Toyo's are a favour for a mate who has one good tyre on his MGC and wants three more of the same tyre to match, I said that I would ask you.

A. MGC fitted a 165R15 instead of a 165R14 on the MGB. This is because MG knew the extra inch of diameter would be better for the MGC than the smaller 14" wheel. The side wall height of a 165 tyre is 80% of 165mm = 132mm.

The side wall height of a 165 tyre is 80% of 165mm = 132mm (overall diameter 645mm). The side wall height of a 175/65 tyre is 65% of 175mm = 114mm (overall diameter 609mm) which is ¾ of an inch less in radius, so miles out. So it is 36mm less in diameter than a 165R15, 1 ½ inch diameter and half an inch smaller than a 14” MGB wheel and tyre combination.

Throughout the production of the MGB and MGC they fitted 165 section tyres, because that is the correct width for the cars. In 1968 when low profile tyres were invented MG chose not to fit a 70% profile tyre. When you go lower profile then you move away from the correct carcass structure for an MGC and the lower profile you go the more derogatory the effect will be.

The MGB GT V8 only fitted a 175R14, full profile tyre not a low-profile tyre. So a full profile 175 tyre will have a thinner and importantly different shaped tread foot print than a 175/65 tyre.

A 65% profile tyre has a very different shape than a standard full profile tyre, such as the correct 165R15. It will spoil the handling as well as the gearing, ground clearance and speedo calibration, etc.

I don’t know if your car has wire wheels, but you should not fit an inner tube in a 65% profile tyre and you need inner tubes for wire wheels.

I would also suggest that you don't fit a new tyre on the same axle as the old tyre. The performance of the new tyre will be dramatically different compared to the old tyre.

Sorry for the lecture.