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1933 Austin 10

1933 Austin 10

Austin 10/4 1932–1947

Some time ago, Longstone Tyres got hold of an original 450 x 18 Dunlop Triple Stud tyre—the tyre that was used on the vast majority of British cars in the 20s and 30s. This tyre was sent to our friend, who made an almost exact copy. This tyre is now named 'Longstone' and is produced in a few different sizes to meet the tyre needs of 1920s and 1930s vintage cars, including the Austin 10/4.

1932–1934 Austin 10 Tyres

  • The 1932 and early 1933 Austin 10/4 models fitted 400 - 19 Tyres, We would recommend fitting the 450 - 19 Tyres, as the best tyre.
  • Often in the world of vintage tyres there isn't enough demand for tyre manufacturers to create each individual vintage size, so they create 'dual marked' tyres that can satisfy 2 sizes.
  • For an Austin 10/4 manufactured between 1932 and 1933, we would recommend the 4.00/4.50 x 19 Longstone.
1939 Austin 10 Tyres

1939 Austin 10 Advert

1935-1936 Austin Ten Four Tyres

  • We recommend the 4.00/4.50 x 18 Longstone as the best 1935-1936 Austin Ten four tyre. It boasts a period tread pattern and nice light handling and is the only tyre in the exact size as the original equipment tyre for the Austin Ten Four.
  • A good value alternative tyre in this size is the 4.50 x 18 Lucas. The Lucas offers a period balloon tyre look and tread pattern.

1937–1947 Austin Ten Tyres

  • 1937 saw the Austin Ten fitted with a whole new body design.
  • 1937–1945 models switched to 16" wheels and 525 - 16 Tyres
  • In 1945, Austin Ten models began fitting 500 - 16 Tyres. Today both sizes can be accommodated by the same size of tyre.
  • For an Austin 10 from 1937 and throughout the war till 1947, the ideal tyre is the 5.00/5.25 x 16 Avon Tourist.
  • The Avon Tourist is the original tyre fitted by these wartime Austin 10 cars.

Austin 10 Innertubes

  • Cars of this era fitted tube-type wheels, which means they require an innertube between the wheel and the tyre in order for both to function properly.
  • Our recommended innertube for all the 4.00/4.50 x 19 tyres, and all the 18" tyres listed is the Michelin Kleber Offset Valve innertube, is the tube for Austin 10 between 1932 and 1937.
  • The best tube for all the 16" tyres mentioned is the Michelin 16E for later Austin 10 from 1937 to 1947.

Austin Ten 18" Tyres Explained

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Austin 10 History

The Austin 10 was a small car produced by Austin Motor Co.  It was introduced in 1932 and was Austin's best-selling car during the 1930s. It was upgraded and continued in production until 1947. It slotted in between the Austin 7, which debuted in 1922, and the Austin 12hp, which was updated in 1931.

The car was designed conservatively, with a pressed steel body built on a cross-braced chassis. The chassis was purchased and was designed to give the car a low overall height by dipping down 2.75 inches between the axles. The 1125-cc four-cylinder side-valve engine generating 21 horsepower powered the rear wheels, via a four-speed gearbox and an open driveshaft to a live rear axle. The suspension was comprised of half-elliptic springs all around, and the brakes were operated by cable. The electrical system produced 6 volts. A four-door saloon was manufactured in two different versions, but only for the first year of production.

The basic model, which cost £155 and could reach 55 mph, was quickly followed by the Sunshine or De-Luxe with an opening roof and leather upholstery, which cost £168.

Austin Ten Cabriolet

Austin Ten Cabriolet

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