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Frazer Nash on 4.00/4.50 x 19 Longstone Tyres

1925 Frazer Nash SuperSport on 4.00/4.50 x 19 Longstone Tyres

4.50 - 19

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    450 - 19 Vintage Tyres

  1. 450 - 19 Inner Tubes

15 Items

4.50 – 19

What are the best 450 – 19 tyres for a Type 35 Bugatti?

For a racing Type 35 we would recommend the 450-19 Ensign 3-Stud. AQs a road car the Michelin 400/450-19 DR will offer a little more comfort, while being a tyre used by Bugatti in period.

What is the cheapest 4.50X19 tyre for a Riley 9?

The 4.00/4.50 X 19 Longstone tyre might not be the cheapest tyre in the size, but it looks perfect on a vintage car, while also being a proper 4.50X19 where many other 450-19 tyres are oversized. The carcass structure of the Longstone is also perfect for little sporty pre war cars.

What is a 27X4.40 tyre?

Back in the 1920s the tyre size 4.50- 19 was described as 27”X4.40” or 27 – 4.40. The Longstone 400/450-19 is built to be as close as possible to the 27 X 4.40 tyre of the 1920s, with a vintage tread pattern and a carcass structure suited to vintage cars.

What is the original 450-19 vintage tyre for an MG TB?

The vintage MG TB originally fitted the 4.50-19 Dunlop B5. Dunlop no longer make vintage road car tyres sadly. The 4.50 X 19 Ensign B5, is almost the same tyre and would be perfect for an MG TB, However earlier MG cars fitting 4.50-19 would be better with the 4.00/4.50X19 Longstone as it have an earlier pre-war tread pattern.

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