Classic Tyre Fitting

Classic Car Tyre Fitting

Longstone Classic tyres are one of the only companies to offer a proper classic tyre fitting service at our warehouse: Longstone Road, Hudson’s Yard, Bawtry, South Yorkshire DN10 6NX.

Classic Tyre Fitting Service

Tyre removal, disposal, fitting & balancing -£ 15
Fitting and balancing without tyre removal £ 10
We reserve the right to refuse to fit tyres.

Vintage car tyre fitting

To take advantage of our service closer to your home, check out our Vintage Tyre fitting service. This also applies to classic tyre fitting. And balancing wheels on your classic car, which is especially important on wire or spoked wheels.

We specialise in fitting all the different kinds of vintage and Classic tyres:

Classic Tyre Fitting Station

Removing Beaded Edge Tyres Tutorial

Fitting Beaded Edge Inner Tube

Fitting a Beaded Edge Tyre

Classic Car Wheel Balancing

At Longstone through practice and an understanding of the way many of these unusual wheels are mounted on our Classic and vintage cars, we have carried on spoked wheel balancing skills that could otherwise have been forgotten. The most useful would probably be the ability to balance Rudge Whitworth knock on wire wheels for you vintage or classic car. Please pop by and take advantage of this classic wheel balancing service.

Vintage Tire Fitting

Vintage Tyre Fitting

Longstone Classic tyres also supports the Vintage Sports Car Club's speed events mounting classic tyres around the country, which we believe makes Longstone Classic tyres your only local Vintage tyre fitting service.

For information about the events we attend please see the events calendar.

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