Straight Sided Vintage Tyres

Straight Sided Tyre Dimensions

Straight Sided Vintage Tyres

This style of straight sided tyres (oldtimer tyre) was very popular with the American market, and in the mid twenties some European manufacturers.

Straight (wired) Sided Vintage Tyres

Straight sided vintage tyres

The Tyre Technology of Straight Sided Rims Explained

These oldtimer straight sided tyres differ from beaded edge tyres in that a solid wire in the bead ensures the bead cannot stretch and will always have a diameter slightly smaller than that of the rim. Straight sided vintage tires

Split Rim

Straight-sided vintage tyres (oldtimer tyres) are fitted to a rim which has a detachable flange on one side, or a split rim which can be reduced in diameter to aid removal and fitting.